BrightSign Docs

Welcome to the BrightSign Docs site, the central repository for all docs related to BrightSign’s products and services.


If you’re new to BrightSign, we highly recommended that you Start Here. BrightSign’s players and services function in unique ways, and most new users will find it very beneficial to go through this section.


After going through the Start Here section, you can jump to the Player Quickstart to learn the basics of setting up a BrightSign player. After that, the Publishing Quickstart will show you how to publish a simple presentation to your player.


BrightAuthor:connected is our app for player management as well as the authoring, scheduling, and publishing of presentations and content to players. The BrightAuthor:connected User Guide goes through all the app’s features and capabilities.



You can use the search bar (top right) to look for something specific, or you can browse the Page Tree to the left (note that the Page Tree is collapsible so you may have to expand it to see it).


Our Quickstart Videos page will help get you started and the Tutorial Videos page offers step-by-step examples on a wide-range of topics from creating, scheduling, and publishing simple presentations to creating advanced, interactive presentations.


We have created a dedicated section for partners who wish to use their own CMS (Content Management System). We are regularly adding content here to help you integrate with BrightSign’s products!

Need More Help?

Try searching the BrightSign FAQs, or ask the BrightSign community.