BOS 9.x


New Feature(s)

  • OS-13111: (Series 5) Added support for CEA-608/708 closed captions and DVB subtitles.


  • OS-14613: (LS5, HD5, HS5, XD5, XT5) Added hardware-accelerated video decode to Chromium.

  • OS-16128: (XT5) Improved HDMI®-in performance when under heavy CPU load.

  • OS-16155: Set the minimum OS version for XT5 to 9.0.113.

  • OS-16197: (Series 5) Added the ability to update AES video decryption keys while playing a video.

  • OS-16212: (All) Enabled the ability to set a number of BrightSign-specific <video> attributes with JavaScript (WebMediaPlayer) while video is playing.

  • OS-16243: (Series 5) Added initial PCR tracking functionality for UDP and SRT streaming.

  • OS-16256: (All) Added additional logging from the DHCP daemon.

  • OS-16283: (All) Improved logging for HTML video playback by removing irrelevant log messages.

  • OS-16309: (Series 5) Added the ability to switch between captions without restarting the stream.

  • OS-16346: (All) Removed support for the obsolete BCM4323 WiFi driver.

  • OS-16369: (XT5, XC5) Improved the display of HDMI port labeling on the BrightSign splash screen.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-15251: (XC5) Fixed an issue where CEC commands do not work properly when there are multiple HDMI outputs.

  • OS-15346: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where players would be unable to connect to WiFi APs using WPA/WPA2 mixed mode.

  • OS-15496: (XD5) Fixed an issue where calling PlayStaticImage( ) multiple times caused subsequent images to fail to show at the correct time.

  • OS-15811: (All) Fixed an issue where players would experience frame glitches with “Invalid video timestamp” warnings.

  • OS-15905: (LS5, HD5, XD5) Fixed an issue where GetHdmiOutputStatus would not return all of the expected values.

  • OS-15940: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where a player would crash when a connected touchscreen is touched.

  • OS-16026: (HD5, XD5) Enabled TrueHD and DTSHD compressed audio HDMI passthrough.

  • OS-16060: (XT5) Fixed intermittent audio dropouts with HDMI input.

  • OS-16139: (XD5, LS5, HD5, HS5) Resolved some colorspace issues with screenshots and GL rendering.

  • OS-16144: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where HTML videos with opacity animation for video transitions would not display properly.

  • OS-16145: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where HTML video with certain CSS properties would not display properly.

  • OS-16165: (XT5) Fixed an issue where HDMI video would correctly play but HDMI audio would regularly drop out.

  • OS-16168: (XC5) Fixed an issue where one or more HDMI outputs would stop working after several days.

  • OS-16196: (All) Fixed an issue where the player could crash when testing internet connectivity.

  • OS-16222: (All) Fixed an issue where Http Port: reports no value when the shell’s ifconfig command is run or when Network/Diagnostics/Network Configuration/View is selected.

  • OS-16233: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with caption selection from a stream with multiple video tracks by creating a single CEA-608 track for all videos.

  • OS-16235: (All) Fixed a potential issue where the wrong subtitle track ID could be used.

  • OS-16251: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where a crash would occur when the virtual keyboard was enabled in roHtmlWidget.

  • OS-16298: (All) Fixed an issue where a player using AEST does not correctly change time with DST.

  • OS-16310: (All) Fixed a time zone issue where local times in Mexico would be incorrect.

  • OS-16328: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where 802.1Q VLAN support was not properly enabled in the kernel.

  • OS-16333: (XC5) Fixed an issue where certain USB Ethernet devices would not be properly recognized.

  • OS-16339: (HS5, LS5, HD5, XD5, XT5, XC5) Fixed an MPV memory leak.

Supervisor (2.1.13) and DWS (1.10.0) Updates (OS-16335)

  • BCN-14806: Cleaned up supervisor REST API logging to make it easier to find important information.

  • BCN-15073: Updated the local and remote DWS to include more detailed EDID information (DWS > Video > EDID Information).

  • BCN-15193: Updated the layout of the local DWS.

  • BCN-15244: Added the ability for the user to select the desired debug logging level (DWS > Advanced > BrightSignOS Logs).

  • BCN-15316: Fixed a regression in which the Chromium debugging section was not being displayed on the DWS Diagnostics screen.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-16207: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where the splash screen doesn't display when booted without storage.

  • OS-16246: (General) Updated bs-remote-dws to v1.16.1 to fix a text validation issue where an error would occur even if valid text was entered.

  • OS-15973: (HD5, XD5, LS5) Fixed a graphics redraw crash with roTextWidget, roImageWidget and roCanvasWidget.



  • OS-14316: Updated Wayland to 1.22.

  • OS-14658: (XD5) Added support for AES decryption of audio and video.

  • OS-15628: (Series 5) Added support for low-latency mode (note that control over latency will be added in the future) of live UDP/RTP multicast streams.

  • OS-15636: (Series 5) Added support for HdmiAudioDisable.

  • OS-15988: (General) Added “tun0” network interface to network configuration.

  • OS-15992: (LS5) Added check to ensure that HDCP1.4 authentication is disabled by default on HDMI output.

  • OS-16023: (Series 5) Added support for ffmpeg CEA-608 service selection.

  • OS-16036: (HD5, XD5) Removed the player count restriction to support CMS partners who use multiple players for gapless playback. When two video players are playing simultaneously, the second player will go through the GPU. When the first video is stopped, the second video will cease going through the GPU. Note that 4K videos that go through the GPU may be less performant.

  • OS-16037: Improved PlayStaticImage efficiency.

  • OS-16084: (XT5) Updated libmali to latest version for Wayland 1.22 compatibility.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-15626: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with the lvm installation script to ensure that the old extension is correctly removed before trying to install a new one.

  • OS-15718: (XD5) Fixed an issue in which 4K:preferred video mode would not fall back correctly back to HD when 4K isn’t supported.

  • OS-15759: (XT5) Fixed an issue where a 4K input signal would result in stuttering video or freeze entirely.

  • OS-15863: (General) Fixed a memory leak issue with closed captions.

  • OS-15915: (LS5) Fixed an issue where all video and images would appear in the top-left quadrant of a 4K TV when a player has been set to auto mode.

  • OS-15921: (XC5) Fixed an issue where HTML5 video is covered by graphics, and thereby not visible, on the second screen.

  • OS-15930: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where ffmpeg FATE tests would produce incorrect output.

  • OS-15964: (HD5) Fixed an issue where the player does not correctly enumerate USB devices.

  • OS-15965: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where an error condition would arise when installing an unsigned extension after the same but signed extension.

  • OS-15972: (General) Fixed an issue where hostconfiguration getConfig() returns “true” for loginPassword even when no password is set. If no password is set, it should return “false”.

  • OS-15985: (XD5, LS5) Fixed an issue with smooth scrolling using the roTextWidget that affected most widths on Rockchip platforms.

  • OS-15987: (LS5) Fixed an issue where roAudioOutput.SetMute() does not work properly when the audio output is SPDIF or analog.

  • OS-15997: (XD5) Fixed an issue where a partner app running HTML video would cause a player to crash after 2-3 hours.

  • OS-15998: (XD5) Fixed an issue where auto video mode does not respond to HDMI hot-plugging.

  • OS-16002: (Series 5 sans AU) Fixed an issue which caused the player to reboot with “Bad file descriptor” errors.

  • OS-16022: (XC5, XD5) Fixed an issue where old captions would not be properly cleared.

  • OS-16029: (XD5) Fixed an issue where playing a video with closed captioning turned on would display all text streams back-to-back instead of only the single service specified.

  • OS-16040: (LS5, HS5) Fixed an issue where the watchdog timer expires but the player hangs instead of resetting.

  • OS-16044: (XD5) Fixed an issue where playing a playlist that cycles between two videos over and over again would cause the player to crash after some time.

  • OS-16055: (XT5) Improved frame rendering synchronization for non-fullscreen HTML widgets.

  • OS-16095: (XC5) Fixed an issue where CEA-608 subtitles would display in the wrong colors.

  • OS-16122: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where GetHdmiOutputStatus does not return a valid result when SetPowerSaveMode is set to true.

  • OS-16123: (Series 5): Fixed a rendering issue with CEA-608 subtitles where subtitles would not be justified properly.

  • OS-16129: (General) Fixed an issue where iHeartRadio streams would generate an MPV error and fail to play.

Supervisor (2.1.12) and DWS (1.16.0) Updates

  • BCN-9959: Enabled access to a player’s registry via the remote and local DWS.

  • BCN-14781: Added support for the upload and download of binary (non-text) files through the rDWS. This release specifically adds support for files of type ‘application/octet-stream’.

  • BCN-15068: Created new supervisor APIs for setting Telnet and SSH password values.


New Features

Support for Compressed Audio Output

Series 5 players now support sending compressed audio over both HDMI and SPDIF. This includes both AC3 and EAC3 formats and Dolby ATMOS.

  • OS-13820, OS-15516, OS-15767, OS-15814, OS-15836, OS-15912

HDCP Support

HS5/LS5/XT5 are now being manufactured with HDCP v1.4. More information about player support for HDCP can be found here.

  • OS-13682, OS-13715, OS-13728, OS-14317, OS-14319, OS-14231, OS-15329, OS-15771, OS-13738, OS-15328, OS-15903, OS-15569

Secure Store Support

Added support for the Secure Store feature on LS5/HS5/XT5.

  • OS-13665

Support for CEA 608/708 and DVB Subtitles (Beta)

This feature is being introduced as Beta on LS5/HS5/XT5/XC5.

  • OS-15426, OS-15696, OS-15817, OS-15863

Enhanced Synchronization Support

Series 5 players now support Enhanced Synchronization to +/- 1 frame when using roSyncManager.

  • OS-14297, OS-15882


  • OS-13481: (XC5) Modified the player’s LED behavior to prevent situations where no LEDs are lit. The new behavior is such that when power is applied to the player, the error LED turns on and stays on (instead of turning off as it did previously) until the power LED turns on.

  • OS-13685: (XC5) Modified the system behavior so that the serial port does not send data to the console unless specifically enabled.

  • OS-14666: (Series 5) Added support for SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) streams.

  • OS-14889: (XT5) Updated extensions-kit, SDK, and source release documentation.

  • OS-15241: (XT5) Cleaned up unnecessary serial output that was being written during graphics startup.

  • OS-15276: (XC5) Reduce the verbosity in microcontroller (CEC) trace logs.

  • OS-15290: (XT5) Added support for audio on HDMI-2.

  • OS-15321: (LS5) Added support for IR transmit and receive.

  • OS-15376: (HD5/XD5/LS5/HS5/XC5) Enabled deinterlacing as part of the video decoder.

  • OS-15385: (XT5) Enabled hardware accelerated video on XT5.

  • OS-15423: (LS5) Improved EMI performance by reducing the μSD clock drive level.

  • OS-15428: (Series 5) Added support for GetStreamStatistics and VideoFramesPerSecond.

  • OS-15452: (HD5/XD5/HS5/LS5/XT5) Added temperature sensor support.

  • OS-15587: (XC5) Added support for USB modems including the Huawei E3372 USB modem.

  • OS-15609, OS-15648, OS-15843, OS-15926: Upgraded Supervisor to 2.1.10 and DWS to 1.12.0.

  • OS-15622: (XT5) Enabled configuration of input EDID.

  • OS-15627: (LS5) Improved EMI performance by enabling spread-spectrum clocking on Ethernet.

  • OS-15640: Changed the defaults for the BrightSign prompt command line tool, htmlplay. Node and bsjsobjects are now disabled by default which increases compatibility with web pages that use jQuery.

  • OS-15657: (XT5) Improved SSD support for the latest hardware.

  • OS-15671: (Series 5) Enabled WPA2 (AES) support with EAP-TLS.

  • OS-15681: (Series 5) Added support for USB modems including the Huawei E3372.

  • OS-15688: (XT5) Added support of formatting of blank/damaged SD cards.

  • OS-15712: (XT5) Improved Ethernet stability by adjusting the Ethernet PHY reset.

  • OS-15713: Re-instated IPv6 SLAAC support.

  • OS-15726: (HD5/XD5/LS5/HS5/XT5) Upgraded bootloader to 9.0.85.

  • OS-15733: (HD5/XD5/HS5/LS5/XT5) Added the ability to apply video transforms using HWZ video attribute through HTML.

  • OS-15758: (XT5) Improved configuration of voltage regulators on power supply.

  • OS-15791: (XC5) Reduced the verbosity of CEC messages to the kernel.

  • OS-15801: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where the mouse pointer is not shown until after first movement.

  • OS-15806: (XC5) Upgraded the bootloader to 9.0.91.

  • OS-15832: (XC5) Updated bootloader upgrade system.

  • OS-15841: Added a new registry setting to override "auto" video mode.

  • OS-15879: (XC5) Enabled disk error reporting.

  • OS-15914: (Series 5) Increased the system log buffer size to match Series 4.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-14593: (XC5) Fixed an issue in which the SSD is not seen by the PCI bus.

  • OS-14651: (LS5/HS5) Fixed a video playback issue related to video rectangle window size.

  • OS-14699: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with JavaScript serial port operation that would cause a crash when attempting to use @brightsign/serialport.

  • OS-15016, OS-15690: Added the ability for a player to force a reboot when encountering an out-of-memory condition so that it doesn’t get stuck indefinitely.

  • OS-15133: Fixed an issue with intermittent crashes triggered by rapid HtmlWidget creation/destruction.

  • OS-15161: (XC5) Fixed an issue in which crash dumps don’t contain a core dump.

  • OS-15294: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with intermittent lockup/restart during repeated video testing.

  • OS-15295: (WiFi) Applied correct WPA2 enterprise-specific option to the EAPTLS configuration.

  • OS-15378: (XD5) Fixed an issue in which a video container with multiple video streams may display a frame of the first stream even when the PreferredVideo filter has been set to another stream.

  • OS-15458: (Series 5) Fixed an issue in which touch input would work only in a portion of the screen by scaling touch input correctly in upscaled graphics modes.

  • OS-15543: (Series 5) Added source-specific multicast support for UDP/RTP streaming.

  • OS-15551: (Series 5) Chromium: Fixed a Chromium iframe memory leak issue by limiting the memory used for the 2D graphics cache.

  • OS-15598: (XT5) Fixed an issue with drop frame video modes.

  • OS-15606: (XT5) Fixed an error with HDMI-In EDID reading.

  • OS-15617: (Series 4) Fixed a Ticker regression on Series 4 players.

  • OS-15620: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with permissions for HTML-based USB serial ports access.

  • OS-15623: (Series 5) Addressed an issue where some USB devices were not being recognized via hotplug.

  • OS-15630: (Series 5) Addressed an issue where the default audio routing resulted in no audio being played during HTML video playback.

  • OS-15664: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where video playback would fail when the area was set to zero.

  • OS-15683: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where roVideoMode.GetMode() returns the current display WxHxRate value instead of “custom”.

  • OS-15686: Fixed a layering issue with certain CSS animations and Z-order when using HWZ with a negative z-index.

  • OS-15722: Fixed an issue where the player does not properly perform IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC).

  • OS-15731: Fixed an issue where the browser fails to hide an already playing video when the “hwz” attribute is set to “z-index:1”.

  • OS-15732: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with video playing and media ended events were not being appropriately emitted.

  • OS-15737: (XC5) Fixed an issue where crashdumps would lead to a continual reboot.

  • OS-15738: (Series 5) Fixed an issue in which starting a video without a keyframe (e.g., by joining a multicast stream that has already started) would result in a crash.

  • OS-15743: (HD5/XD5/LS5/HS5) Fixed an issue where text widgets would render incorrectly.

  • OS-15773: Fixed an issue where video playing in a browser at less than full-screen would flash a frame or two of the video at full-screen.

  • OS-15797: (XC5) Fixed an issue in which holding down the SVC button while powering up a player would perform a rescue boot instead of booting with the serial console enabled.

  • OS-15802: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor does not correctly track touch movements.

  • OS-15845: Fixed an issue where @brightsign/networkstatus getRemoteLoginStatus() function would return null instead of returning an empty object.

  • OS-15858: (Series 5) Added support for the CH34x USB-to-serial driver and fixed a bug which could cause some peripherals to fail to enumerate correctly when connected to a BrightSign USB400.

  • OS-15869: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where a sequence of signed/unsigned extension installs may fail.

  • OS-15872: Fixed an issue where HDMI-2 audio output would be created on players that do not have multiple HDMI ports.

  • OS-15875: Fixed a regression in which getPresentNetworkInterfaces() would report an exception instead of the network interfaces.

  • OS-15878: Fixed an error where the fractional portion of the roDiskMonitor.GetDiskError().time timestamp was incorrect.

  • OS-15895: (HD5/XD5) Fixed an issue where playing HDR content to an HDR screen would display a red screen.

  • OS-15929: (LS5/HS5) Fixed video decode errors and occasional crash.

Supervisor Updates (2.2.11)

  • BCN-14338: Added support for connecting USB modems through a USB700 hub.

  • BCN-14781: Added support for the upload and download of binary (non-text) files through the rDWS.

  • BCN-14773, BCN-14458: Added OS support to prevent unintentional password reset by the rDWS.



  • OS-15063: (General) Added preliminary support for PTP timestamping with Intel 9260 WiFi cards.

  • OS-15385: (XT5) Added support for video playback without GPU.

  • OS-15396: Added support for opacity on ticker widgets.

  • OS-15420: (Series 5) Added support for adaptive bitrate switching with HLS.

  • OS-15421: (Series 5) Fixed an issue related to HLS adaptive bitrate where a change in the decoded video size would result in a playback failure.

  • OS-15427: (LS5) Added support for IR input/output or serial via USB-C.

  • OS-15449: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where video playback is not smooth when the video resolution changes.

  • OS-15462: (XC5/XD5/HD5) Added the ability to configure the IR transmit carrier frequency.

  • OS-15469: (XT5) Fixed an issue with HDMI input in which video playback would not restart if the cable is removed and reinserted.

  • OS-15475 / OS-15489: (LS5/HS5) Modified the long-press behavior of the RST button to help prevent a hard reset of the player when the user is intending to perform a factory reset.

  • OS-15476: (Series 5) Prevent fallback from hardware decode to software decode.

  • OS-15477, OS-15450: (HS5/LS5) Improved Ethernet configuration in the bootloader.

  • OS-15482: (Series 5) Improve HLS codec support and improve parsing of HEVC codecs.

  • OS-15490: (Series 5) Added a fix to prevent a long Reset press from putting board to sleep.

  • OS-15505: (XC5/XT5/XD5/HD5/LS5/HS5) Standardized naming convention for RTL8152 based USB Ethernet devices.

  • OS-15508: Upgraded DWS to version 1.9.0 (added option to format USB, SSD; added support for formatting unmounted/unformatted USB and SSD; fixed missing Snapshots and Video tab on LS445; fixed missing video mode information on INFO tab for LS445).

  • OS-15524: Reduced stream probe time for faster startup.

  • OS-15529: Improved streaming experience by reducing the timeout to 6 seconds for a media-ended event due to a stream stopping. Network timeout now generates mediaend event.

  • OS-15547: Set the minimum permitted firmware version on LS5/HS5 to 9.0.75 (OS) and 9.0.74 (rescue).

Bug Fixes

  • OS-15124: (XC5/XT5/XD5/HD5/LS5/HS5) Fixed an issue where videos would stop playing after a number of hours by improving memory allocation handling.

  • OS-15158: (XC5/XT5/XD5/HD5/LS5/HS5) Updated the kernel driver to avoid intermittent memory corruption. Upgraded GL graphics library.

  • OS-15403 / OS-15456: (XC5) Fixed an issue where enabling graphics upscaling prevented dual video playback on any HDMI output. Failures were exhibited at 4K and higher because graphics upscaling is turn on by default starting at 4K.

  • OS-15430: (XC5/XT5/XD5/HD5/LS5/HS5) Fixed issue with mouse button event handling.

  • OS-15520: (LS5/HS5) Fixed an issue where the power supply was not configured properly.

  • OS-15521: (Series 5) Fixed an issue related to HLS in which errors would result when master and variant streams are on different servers.

  • OS-15534: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with HLS playback related to a parsing error involving an extraneous space separating two codecs.

  • OS-15548: Fixed an issue with playback of a single-segment HLS stream.

  • OS-15550: Fixed a memory corruption issue by aligning internal buffers for hardware acceleration.



  • OS-14756: (XT5) Fixed an issue where HDMI playback would result in excessive TMDS warnings.

  • OS-14954: (Series 5) Updated the bootloader.

  • OS-15260, OS-15280: (XT5/XD5/HD5/LS5) Added support for HDR playback.

  • OS-15269: (Series 5) Enabled AC3 audio support.

  • OS-15273: CEC: Optimized reporting order of physical addresses.

  • OS-15282, OS-15283: Enabled the hardware random number generator to support encrypted storage.

  • OS-15285: (LS5) Enabled PoE state reporting on latest hardware revisions.

  • OS-15320: (HS5) Enabled IR support.

  • OS-15339: (LS5/HS5) Improved system reliability at low temperatures.

  • OS-15349: (Series 5) Improved behavior of factory reset by updating rescue image.

  • OS-15401: Updated security fixes.

  • OS-15408: CEC: Improved behavior of sending messages.

  • OS-15421: Improved handling of playback errors.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-14953: (LS5/HS5) Fixed an issue in which the serial port would emit messages even when the serial console was disabled.

  • OS-15125: (XC5) Fixed an issue with HDMI stability (video is scrambled video or stops playing).

  • OS-15167: (HD5) Fixed an issue where hot-plugging a USB touch device would result in a crash.

  • OS-15262: (XC5) Fixed an issue where only a few frames of a video loops instead of the entire video.

  • OS-15284: (XC5, XD5) Corrected to the calculation used for seamless looping of audio and video files.

  • OS-15294: (XD5) Improved system stability by resolving a deadlock condition which would cause the system to crash during burn-in.

  • OS-15298: (XD5, LS5) Fixed an issue with stuttering streams by improving handling of undefined duration streams.

  • OS-15299: (XC5) Fixed an issue with playback on UDP Multicast streams.

  • OS-15301: (General) Fixed an issue with mismatched Presentation Time Stamps (PTS) that adversely affected MPEG-2 playback.

  • OS-15310: (XT5) Fixed an issue where video would play back correctly but analog audio playback would fail.

  • OS-15318: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with playback of network streams that don’t start within a certain time.

  • OS-15322: (Series 5) Fixed an issue with audio player failing.

  • OS-15323: (Series 5) Fixed an issue where an incorrect command would be sent in certain instances where an interactive button is hit at the right point in time.

  • OS-15333: (Series 5) Fixed an issue in which video would not loop properly even when “Loop media if no media end transition is specified” is checked.

  • OS-15341: (Series 5) Fixed an HLS issue related to playback of alternate tracks.

  • OS-15343: (XD5/HD5/LS5/HS5) Fixed an issue that would prevent custom video modes from being set.

  • OS-15352: (XC5) Corrected behavior for LED flashing when player is searching for an OS update.

  • OS-15363: (LS5/HS5) Fixed an issue with the H.264 decoder.

  • OS-15412: (Series 5) Enabled "videoplay capture" command on Series 5.


  • OS-14958: (LS5) Added change to only enable serial on USB-Type C when required.



  • OS-13621,OS-14193: (Series 5) Added GetDecoderModes support

  • OS-14917: (LS5) Optimized video and graphics

  • OS-15145: (General) Included board name in recovery HTTP headers

  • OS-15231: (Series 5) Added support for FilePlayability API

  • OS-15235: (Series 5) Added support for encrypted HLS

  • OS-15242: (HD5/XD5) Enabled the output buffer when the console is enabled and on GPIO

  • OS-15258: (LS5) Added check to prevent players from decoding videos larger than what they can support

  • OS-15278: (LS5): Enabled SSD support

Bug Fixes

  • OS-15086: (XC5, XD5) Fixed an issue with HLS streams crashing

  • OS-15184: (LS5, HD5, XD5) Fixed an issue with playing VP8 video codec

  • OS-15185: (XC5, XD5, LS5) Corrected color space for JPEG output

  • OS-15197: (HD5, XD5) Fixed an issue with video stuttering

  • OS-15222: (XC5) Fixed an issue where HDMI1 is working, but HDMI 2, 3, 4 showed either instability or no output (added a check to disable HDR when the output does not support it)

  • OS-15250: (XD5) Fixed an issue that was causing some MPEG-2 files to fail

  • OS-15262: (XC5) Fixed issue where only a few frames of a video loops instead of the entire video



  • OS-13391: (XC5) Enabled CEC support for all HDMI outputs

  • OS-14323: (General) Added initial extensions support at boot up

  • OS-15074: (XD5) Disabled seamless looping for incompatible media files

Bug Fixes

  • OS-15069: (XC5) Fixed an issue with upscaling for players with multi-screen capabilities

  • OS-15100: Fixed an issue with upscaling HTML presentations on multi-screen players



  • OS-13390: (XC5) Added IR support

  • OS-13498: (XD5) Added IR support

  • OS-13879: (XD5) Added support for video rotation

  • OS-13881, OS-13882: (XD5) Made graphics encoding more efficient

  • OS-14446, OS-14913: (Series 5) Improved upgrade script

  • OS-14619, OS-14911, OS-14903: (XD5) Added support for hardware background color

  • OS-14749: (LS5) Reduced Ethernet clock drive to improve EMI performance

  • OS-14755: (Series5) Added audio support left/right mixdown

  • OS-14777: (XC5) Removed unused OS Loader element

  • OS-14796: (LS5) Added SPDIF support

  • OS-14802: (XD5) Improved bootloader

  • OS-14807: (Series 5) Improved handling of HDMI output color space and bit-depth

  • OS-14822: (XD5) Added support for 10-bit video modes

  • OS-14864: (XD5) Improved Ethernet timing

  • OS-14785: (XD5) Optimize graphics and video performance

  • OS-14787: (XD5) Added support for direct ticker rendering

  • OS-14897: (XD5) Made upscaling more efficient

  • OS-14900: (XD5) Improved microcontroller upgradability

  • OS-14904: (XD5) Added video limitations

  • OS-14919: (HS5) Improved support for board IDs

  • OS-14929: (XD5) Switched to new VOB driver to avoid crashes

  • OS-14930: (XD5) Improved 4K playback on 8K monitors

  • OS-14940: (XD5) Fixed issue with serial output during boot

  • OS-14942: (XD5) Improved timestamp logging at kernel boot

  • OS-14954: (XD5/LS5) Improved bootloader upgrade process

  • OS-14955: (XD5) Disabled console unless SVC button is pressed at startup

  • OS-14962: (XD5/HD5) Improved smoothness of scrolling ticker

  • OS-14991: (LS5, HS5) Fixed issue related to control of WiFi power supply

  • OS-15024: (XD5/HD5) Add hardware background color support for certain modes

  • OS-15070: (HD5) Enabled microcontroller programming on HD5

  • OS-15088: (HS5) Improved reliability of audio output

Bug Fixes

  • OS-14449: (XD5) Fixed issue with PlayStaticImage

  • OS-14720: (XD5) Fixed issue with high CPU load during playback start

  • OS-14795: (XD5) Fixed issue with HEVC streams

  • OS-14819: (XD5) Fixed issue with stalling on boot

  • OS-14851: (XD5) Fixed microcontroller hardware modification detection

  • OS-14854: (XD5) Fixed issue with occasional crash when playing video

  • OS-14907: (XD5/HD5) Addressed graphics layer scaling issue related to auto mode

  • OS-14908: (XD5) Fixed issue with static image playback

  • OS-14928: (LS5) Fixed issue with SD card voltage switching

  • OS-14956: (XD5) Fixed issue with display of compressed buffer

  • OS-14960: (XD5) Fixed issue with ticker scaling

  • OS-14968: (XD5) Fixed issue with intermittent HDMI on startup with some screens

  • OS-14969: (XD5) Fixed issue with flickering ticker

  • OS-14983: (XD5) Fixed issue when receiving full-res script coordinates from BrightAuthor

  • OS-15001: (XD5) Fixed graphics scaling issue.

  • OS-15050: (Series 5) Fixed out of memory issue when playing video

  • OS-15052: (XD5) Fixed issue with colorspace/no output during HDMI hotplug

  • OS-15057: (XD5) Fixed issue with video rotation

  • OS-15093: (XD5) Fixed HDMI and analog audio output issue

  • OS-15094: (LS5) Fixed issue with performance settings control


  • OS-13230: (XC5) Improve filesystem root hash mechanis

  • OS-14710: (HS5) Added support for upcoming hardware

  • OS-14763: (XD5/LS5) Added ability to determine board type at runtime

  • OS-14804: (General) Updated supervisor

  • OS-14870: (LS5) Improved family support of hardware

  • OS-14879: (LS5) Fixed issue with Ethernet MAC address

  • OS-15089: (LS5) Corrected board ID


New Features
(Series 5) Seamless looping support


  • OS-10546: (XD5/XC5) Added diagnostics for file descriptor leaks

  • OS-13171: (Series 5) Enabled webcam drivers in kernel

  • OS-13482: (XC5): Improved initialization of NodeJS switch

  • OS-13514: (Series 5) Improved GPU memory usage

  • OS-13523: (XC5) Improved frame timing of 30p content played at 60p

  • OS-13587: (XD5) Added support for HDMI audio

  • OS-13684: (XD5) Added ability to update firmware automatically

  • OS-13686: (XD5) Tuned HDMI PHY settings

  • OS-13721: (XD5) Improved security verification process

  • OS-13832: (LS5) Added board identification support during manufacturing

  • OS-13836: (LS5) Enabled USB test mode for compliance testing

  • OS-13920: (XD5/HD5) Disabled debug clock control

  • OS-13975: (XD5) Enabled full power on USB ports

  • OS-14209: (Series 5): Added BLOB support for video playback

  • OS-14232: (Series 5) Improved video transitions with HTML playlists

  • OS-14248: (XC5) Added support for upgrading bootloader

  • OS-14250: (XC5) Improved compositing performance by hiding primary plane

  • OS-14268: (XD5) Improved boot reliability

  • OS-14283: (XD5) Enabled Intel Bluetooth support

  • OS-14285: (Series 5) Enable cursor support

  • OS-14286: (XC5) Added support for additional video modes

  • OS-14317: (XC5, XD5) Improved manufacturing test scripts

  • OS-14411: (XD5) Improved detection of eMMC clock during boot

  • OS-14437: (XD5) Added additional manufacturing test support

  • OS-14457: (Series 5) Improved performance by hiding video using opacity instead of moving offscreen

  • OS-14570: (LS5) Added support for secure ID

  • OS-14581: (XD5): Added non-interlaced video modes

  • OS-14585: (XD5) Improved audio at certain frequencies

  • OS-14599: (LS5, HD5, XD5): Enabled consolidation of OS builds

  • OS-14611: (LS5) Added support for HDMI audio

  • OS-14618: (XD5) Ensured that memory always runs in peak performance mode

  • OS-14630: (LS5) Added support for Ethernet LED control for manufacturing test

  • OS-14649: (XC5) Added fix to avoid file handle leak during video metrics reporting

  • OS-14686: (Series 5) Fixed tearing during resizing of video playback

  • OS-14705: (XC5, XD5) Improved AV sync and frame handling

  • OS-14721: (Series 5) Allow all RTSP transports

  • OS-14735: (XD5) Fixed boot issue by using common partition structure

Bug Fixes

  • OS-13814: (XC5) Fixed issue with compressed audio output

  • OS-13873: (XD5) Fixed issue with FW progress bar not appearing in some situations

  • OS-14198: (XD5) Fixed issue with 4K signals on some monitors

  • OS-14208: (Series 5) Fixed ticker frame latency

  • OS-14278: (XC5) Fixed crash with HDR content

  • OS-14280: (XC5) Fixed memory corruption bug during video playback

  • OS-14288: (XC5) Fixed graphics plane issue with 2x2 video wall

  • OS-14295: (XD5) Fixed issue with loud audio playback volume

  • OS-14318: (XC5) Fixed kernel bug on exit from BrightSign application

  • OS-14337: (General) Fixed issue with H.264 over RTP

  • OS-14408: (Series 5) Fixed Z-order problem which could cause missing widgets

  • OS-14412: (Series 5) Fixed ticker visibility

  • OS-14414: (XD5) Fixed SPDIF output issue

  • OS-14419: (Series 5) Fixed HDMI passthrough issue with pre-routed audio

  • OS-14422: (XC5) Fixed ticker location and sizing issue during graphics upscaling

  • OS-14440: (XC5) Fixed HTML looping issue

  • OS-14464: (XC5) Fixed mode lines for interlaced video formats

  • OS-14564: (XD5) Fixed issue with pre-routed audio mode

  • OS-14569: (Series 5) Fixed inverted compositing issue

  • OS-14574: (LS5) Added support for latest Ethernet hardware configuration

  • OS-14575: (LS5) Fixed issue with ALSA audio

  • OS-14577: (XD5) Fixed rare issue with upgrade errors during manufacturing sequence

  • OS-14579: (XD5) Fixed issue with screen artefacts from SPDIF

  • OS-14589: (LS5) Fixed issue with H.265/HEVC playback

  • OS-14601: (Series 5) Fixed issue with USB audio

  • OS-14607: (XD5) Fixed USB port support for audio and serial

  • OS-14617: (Series 5) Fixed corruption in some crash dumps

  • OS-14644: (XC5) Fixed video playback issue with 3x1 portrait screen config

  • OS-14650: (LS5) Fixed issue with Ethernet link LED

  • OS-14668: (XD5) Ensured that default autorun is not run when there is no storage device

  • OS-14672: (XD5) Fixed issue with SSD recognition

  • OS-14675: (Series 5) Fixed drop-frame rate calculation

  • OS-14719: (XD5) Fixed issue with 4K mode during startup with no HDMI connection

  • OS-14723: (Series 5) Fixed audio playback issue


  • OS-13160: (General) Added DHCPv6 DUID-EN

  • OS-14282: (XC5) Disabled HS200 in u-boot

  • OS-14300: (XC5) Added ability to update bootloader if necessary

  • OS-14417: (General) Updated bootstrap

  • OS-14418: (General) Updated supervisor and DWS

  • OS-14687: (XD5) Added unique CPU ID to distinguish units

IMPORTANT: Upgrading an XC device to v9.0.19.2 or later means that the device can no longer downgrade to any OS earlier than v9.0.19.2.


  • OS-13184: Added support for touchscreens in multi-screen configurations

  • OS-13924: Forced redraw if HTML widget is moved

  • OS-14000: HTML widget storage quota can now be made large

  • OS-14142: Added graphics plane upscaling based on video mode for Series 5 players

  • OS-14247: Screenshots now include background color

Bug Fixes

  • OS-13651: Chromium video playback fixes

  • OS-14238: Fixed simultaneous video playback from multiple HTML widgets


New Features

  • Added support for the XC5

  • Chromium security fixes merged from 8.5

  • Updated FFmpeg from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2


  • OS-12964: Added an interface that allows the background color to be dynamically set

  • OS-13076: Disabled low end device mode in Chromium to avoid rendering errors

  • OS-13347: (XC5) Support video opacity on the XC5

  • OS-13467: Added audio support in roHtmlWidget for built-in Chromium media playback (Chromium audio will go to HDMI-1 and analog by default)

  • OS-13483: Added audio output hints for selection when using built-in Chromium media playback

  • Added an output port name to roHdmiEdidChanged events in roVideoMode

  • Allowed "HDMI:1" as well as "HDMI-1" for video port naming in videooutput

  • OS-13616: Extended the videooutput API to allow PowerSaveMode to be specified on individual ports

  • OS-13705: Made startCalibration arguments optional in js_ipcpointercalibration

  • OS-13781: Enabling the web inspector now requires a registry entry

  • OS-13654: Implemented safe x509 GeneralName format (CVE-2021-44532)

  • OS-13379: For multi-output players, the informational splash screen displays on all outputs

Bug Fixes

  • OS-13363: Ensured that removing last item invalidates the index in roList

  • OS-13444: Trigger the busy LED to flash on NVMe SSD activity on XD4/XT4 players

  • OS-13521: Fixed crash of roVideoPlayer during fade out

  • OS-13638: Fixed screenshot timeout and other problems when power save mode is enabled on any screen

  • OS-13871: Discarded any invalid transform strings in VideoMode

  • OS-13917: Rounded cumulative video mode frame rates to display integers only

  • OS-4745: Deprecated obsolete WEP and TKIP WiFi modes on Series 5+