BOS 8.x

8.5.47 (Oct 05, 2023)


  • OS-14162: (General) Ensured that the BrightSign "verified" header is always sent to prevent spoofing.

  • OS-15988: (XD4/XT4) Added “tun0” network interface to network configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-14699: Fixed an issue where the player would crash when attempting to use @brightsign/serialport.

  • OS-15414: (XD4/XT4) Fixed an issue where a screen does not rotate as expected but instead reverts to the default landscape orientation.

  • OS-15551: Fixed a Chromium iframe memory leak related to QtWebengine.

  • OS-15686: Fixed a layering issue with certain CSS animations and Z-order.

  • OS-15722: Fixed an issue where the player does not properly perform IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC).

  • OS-15731: Fixed an issue where the browser fails to hide an already playing video when the “hwz” attribute is set to “z-index:1”.

  • OS-15972: (General) Fixed an issue where hostconfiguration getConfig() returns “true” for loginPassword even when no password is set. If no password is set, it should return “false”.

  • OS-16105: (HD4/LS4/XD4/XT4) Fixed an issue where HTML video would be hidden behind a black rectangle.

Supervisor (2.0.17) and DWS (0.1.49) Updates

  • BCN-9959: Enabled access to a player’s registry via the remote and local DWS.

  • BCN-14338: Fixed an issue that prevented USB700 USB-C and Cellular Modem USB-A from connecting properly.

  • BCN-14422: Added the ability to format both SSD and USB stick media when it is not formatted or mounted correctly. This can be found under the Diagnostics tab > Format Storage.

  • BCN-14781: Added support for the upload and download of binary (non-text) files through the rDWS, including support for files of type ‘application/octet-stream’.

  • BCN-15069: Created a new DWS UI for Telnet/SSH.

8.5.36 (Apr 26, 2023)


  • OS-14731: Upgraded to latest packages per OpenSSL security advisory.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-13160: Fixed an issue where DHCP IP in IPv6 was bound to the DUID and not the MAC Address.

  • BCN-13310: Fixed support for remote directory creation.

8.5.33 (Dec 05, 2022)


  • OS-13924: Forced redraw if HTML widget is moved

  • OS-14000: HTML widget storage quota can now be made large

Bug Fixes

  • OS-14166: Fixed non-HWZ video on 4K242, 4K1042, and 4K1142 models

  • OS-14238: Fixed simultaneous video playback from multiple HTML widgets

8.5.31 (Oct 24, 2022)

Notable Changes

  • OS-12400: Node upgraded to version 14.17.6

  • OS-12444: Chromium upgraded to version 87.0.4280.144

    • OS-13121, OS-13172: Applied numerous CVE fixes (Merged all Chromium CVE fixes up to Chromium99): CVE-2021-0129, CVE-2021-45960, CVE-2021-46143, CVE-2022-22822-27, CVE-2022-23852, CVE-2022-23990, CVE-2022-25235, CVE-2022-25236, CVE-2022-25313-5, CVE-2021-42374, CVE-42376, CVE-2020-36254, CVE-2021-27218, CVE-2021-27219, CVE-2021-28153, CVE-2021-3995, CVE-2021-3996, CVE-2021-45078, CVE-202-23903, CVE-2020-10531, CVE-2021-33560, CVE-2021-40528, CVE-2021-36976, CVE-2021-3658, CVE-2022-23308, CVE-2022-1271, CVE-2022-0204, CVE-2022-0563, CVE-2021-3541, CVE-2021-3517, CVE-2021-30553, CVE-2021-30569, 1204814 and 1197786, CVE-2021-30560, CVE-2021-30627, CVE-2021-30618, CVE-2021-30603, CVE-2021-30585, CVE-2021-30559, CVE-2021-30547, CVE-2021-30522, CVE-2021-21227, CVE-2021-30513, CVE-2021-21231, CVE-2021-30513, CVE-2021-30518, CVE-2021-30513, CVE-2021-30515, CVE-2021-21231, CVE-2021-21207, CVE-2021-21230, CVE-2021-21227, CVE-2021-21223, CVE-2021-21203, CVE-2021-21204, CVE-2021-21202, CVE-2021-21214, CVE-2021-21221, CVE-2021-21206, CVE-2021-21220, CVE-2021-21160, CVE-2021-21156, CVE-2021-21188, CVE-2021-21195, CVE-2021-21198, CVE-2021-21175, CVE-2021-21193, CVE-2021-21190, CVE-2021-21160, CVE-2021-21165, CVE-2021-21157, CVE-2021-21148, CVE-2021-21137, CVE-2021-21153, CVE-2021-21138, CVE-2021-21119, CVE-2021-21140, CVE-2021-21140, CVE-2021-21120, CVE-2020-16044, CVE-2020-16044, CVE-2020-16044, CVE-2021-21146, CVE-2021-21114, CVE-2020-16042, CVE-2020-16030, CVE-2020-16027, CVE-2020-16016, CVE-2020-16040, CVE-2020-16034, CVE-2020-16028, CVE-2020-16024, CVE-2020-16022, CVE-2020-16014, CVE-2020-16011, CVE-2020-16008

    • Fixed CVE-2021-44532 in TLS/node

  • The Chromium remote inspector is disabled by default on 8.5 release, even when it is enabled by roHtmlWidget enable_inspector flag, or roHtmlWidget.StartInspectorServer. An extra registry value has been added (”enable-web-inspector” in the “html” registry section) to enable the inspector. This ensures that users do not unintentionally enable the remote inspector on production software, which is not secure and may increase memory usage.

  • Chromium has dropped support for desktop style scrollbars. BrightSign OS 8.5 is shipped with overlay scrollbars. Overlay scrollbars overlay on graphics and are only displayed when a page is scrolled. They disappear when the page is still.

  • Chromium87 uses separate JavaScript contexts for data URLs. It is no longer possible to inject JavaScript from the data URL and access window context.

  • Data URLs no longer share the same URL domain with the origin domain. It is no longer possible to access cross site data from data URLs.

  • Chromium has added support to view remote device screen through inspector view. This is not supported on BrightSign devices due to architectural differences between desktop Chromium and BrightSign.

  • Chromium has added more stringent security policies around cross site requests. Some of these security options can be disabled if needed. But, unlike our security_params (roHtmlWidget | roHtmlWidget-[roAssociativeArray]security_params), these security options cannot be disabled per instance. We have added an “html” → “disable-web-security” registry option to disable these security checks. This change takes effect after a reboot.


  • OS-12211: Added UseInitiatorAddressFromPacket() method to BSCECTransmitter

  • OS-12538: Clipped input from SetCursorPosition to resolution

  • OS-12767: BrightSign video player has been extended to play in-memory, or partially in-memory blobs from HTML video elements

  • OS-12943: Added a recipe for NodeJS epoll package and included it in mission image

  • OS-13010: HDCP2.2 beta functionality is now disabled by default. This can still be enabled if users wish to experiment with HDCP2.2

  • OS-13022: roUrlTransfer no longer allows curl_debug in encrypted BrightScript

  • OS-13089: Fixed black screen flash when switching between videos of different resolutions

  • OS-13154: Raised mouse move events in HTML widget

  • OS-13206: HTML popups can now be accepted or rejected through script

  • OS-13363: Ensured that removing the last item invalidates the roList index

  • OS-13403: Re-instated support for Elo touchscreens with a custom binary driver

  • OS-13512: Added Reassociate function that can safely re-connect wifi connection without losing user configurations

  • OS-13705: Made @brightsign/pointercalibration startCalibration arguments optional

  • OS-13764: Reinstated the ability to disable mouse input on roHtmlWidget

  • OS-13781: Web inspector now requires a registry entry to enable it

  • OS-13512: Provided Reassociate() method for scripts to reconnect WiFi without losing user configurations

Bug Fixes

  • OS-12831: Added a fix for video capture being erroneously selected when playing back a video stream

  • OS-13053: Fixed video location mismatch error

  • OS-13741: Added focus management for overlapping widgets

  • OS-13117: Added a registry option to enable --allow-running-insecure-content

  • OS-13827: Avoid flushing cache when mapping assetpool - can cause problem with active connections

8.4.14 (Feb 09, 2022)


  • OS-12828: Improved Bluetooth support when using WD104.

  • OS-12672: Reverted WS103 WiFi driver to the previous version.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-12813: Fixed a crash when updating BP900 firmware.

  • OS-12811: Fixed continual reboot that could occur during USB device enumeration.

  • OS-12826: Fixed an issue causing file name corruptions during upload.

  • OS-12831: Fixed 3840x2160x60p video streams incorrectly playing through a capture path.

  • OS-12843: Fixed Node not using platform CA.

  • OS-12871: Fixed @brightsign/virtualinput keyboard not functioning as expected.

  • OS-12914: Fixed crash during decoding.

8.4.10 (Nov 18, 2021)

New Features

  • OS-12699: HDMI®-in now supports VESA modes.

  • OS-12745: Added option to disable SPDIF and analog for roAudioConfiguration.

  • OS-12776: Added support for passing cookies to HLS streams.

  • OS-12682: Updated Supervisor to version 2.0.4.


  • OS-5439: Improved DNS name resolution.

  • OS-12679: DNS name resolution is now interruptible.

  • OS-12715: Network Diagnostics tests are now interruptible.

  • OS-12796: Replaced Video Player State Check with Diagnostics.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-12684: Fixed UDP streaming from sending out of order packets.

  • OS-12472: Fixed touchscreen timing racing during calibration test.

  • OS-12720: Corrected audio configuration in prerouted pcm_only mode.

  • OS-12724: It is no longer possible to downgrade to a version which does not support an installed Wi-Fi device on a Wi-Fi player.

  • OS-12770: Video should no longer be corrupted when input stalls briefly.

  • OS-12768: Fixed VP9 HTTP streaming.

  • OS-12802: Fixed cursor not updating correctly without synced axis updates.

  • OS-12797: Built-in Javascript garbage collection method “gc()” is now disabled by default.

    • Customers that use gc() should set html->expose-gc registry flag to “1”.

8.3.46 (Sep 27, 2021)

New Features

  • OS-12286: @brightsign/networkconfiguration now reports metric zero.

  • OS-12082: Added new JavaScript object AudioOutput.

  • OS-12224: Added “:reserved” modifier for audio routing.

  • OS-12245: Added Seeked event to AU3x5 players.

  • OS-12305: Added font width scaling to CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed captions.

  • OS-12329: CEA-708 BackSpace support added.

  • OS-12211: Added UseInitiatorAdressFromPacket() to JS/BSCECTransmitter.

  • OS-12201: Added raise() and lower() methods to js_ipchtmlwidget.

  • OS-8412: Added support for custom video modes.

  • OS-12351: Added registry option for --disable-web-security flag.

  • OS-11018: Added @brightsign/networkstatus.

  • OS-12305: Added rectangle control for graphics layer video.

  • OS-2061: Numerous DNS changes.

    • Enabled caching of DNS results.

    • Added flushdns command to shell.

    • Added new component to js_ipcresolver to flush DNS cache.

    • Added FlushDNSCache method to roNetworkConfiguration.

  • OS-11724: Added roAudioConfig.GetTimeBaseStatus() to monitor phase errors.

  • OS-11528: @brightsign/htmlwidget now supports typing to javascriptInjection API

  • OS-11000: Added support for mixing audio outputs to AU3x5 Players.

  • OS-11000: Added @brightsign/audioconfiguration for Node.js.

  • OS-11773: @brightsign/audio now has JavaScript support for x-bs-audio-mode, allowing expansion of mono files to stereo output and mixdown control to the left/right channel.

  • OS-11747: Added roAudioPlayerMx support for AU players.

  • OS-11957: Added “inspector-port” to htmlplay parameters in the shell.

  • OS-11957: Added “htmlplay chronode” to shell.

  • OS-11957: Shell now supports “node http://host/script.js” and “node inspect …”

  • OS-11948: HTML playback now has decoder statistics for position update callback.

  • OS-11951: Numerous additions and improvements to MSE VP9 video playback including:

    • Ensure media stream headers are initialized.

    • ProxyPlaypump now creates correct stream headers during construction.

    • GetMediaResource is now skipped.

    • Improved thread safety.

    • Ready state events are fired at better times.

    • Implemented WedMediaPlayerBrightsign::SetDuration.

  • OS-6589: Added server rate tracking to live HLS streaming, which can be reported via GetStreamStatistics.

  • OS-11873: Added LAST: to autorun search path.

  • OS-11503: ifStreamReceive now supports roByteArray instances.

  • OS-12591: NAT is now allowed on ppp devices.

  • OS-12553: Micron SD cards can now apply firmware updates during formatting.

  • OS-12621: Allows selection of fullres for specialty high resolution modes.

  • OS-5971: Enabled GPT support and show partition table types.

  • OS-11943: Added support for OpenVPN.

  • OS-12475: Added option to force audio output to FREERUN.


  • OS-11502: roByteArray events now supported for ifStreamReceive.

  • OS-11503: Binary receive EOL sequence now supported for ifStreamReceive.

  • OS-12293: HtmlWidget Chromium version is now in Selenium compatible format.

  • OS-12005: TLS now checks all OCSP responses when looking for a match.

  • OS-12322: Added space after CEA-608 mid-row codes.

  • OS-12323: Improved locking of CEA-608 data.

  • OS-12257: Removed unwanted fields from log messages.

  • DOCS-781: Updated bsaudio IDL to reflect current documentation.

  • OS-12371: Changed GetUsbTopology() behavior to match previous versions.

  • OS-12451: Prerouted audio now uses BAPE mute status.

  • OS-12180: Improved mouse, touch, and HID input support to work with Electron.

  • OS-12461: js_ipcpointercalibration now supports calibration events.

  • OS-12169: BindToInterface() now supports USB friendly names.

  • OS-12472: BrightSign license information is available from a prompt.

  • OS-12379: USB power control for Series 4 XD and XT players can now switch off bus power and interface.

  • OS-12316: Active interfaces with default configuration are now reported as configured.

  • OS-12388: Added “preferredvideo” as alias for “preferedvideo” for HTML.

  • OS-11517: Removed StreamForceTs option.

  • OS-11784, 11823: Improved HDMI In and HDMI Audio In clock selection.

  • OS-11747: Audio fade code for VideoPlayerImpl is now under FadeController.

  • OS-10998: Timecode events are now controlled by BasicAudioPlayer instead of VideoPlayerImpl.

  • OS-11948: HTML playback position period is now 200ms.

  • OS-11995: Ignore failure to capture HDMI input window message.

  • OS-12045: Added GetStreamStatistics from roVideoPlayer to roAudioPlayer.

  • OS-12003: IsHighResolution/Is4KResolution has been re-implemented, and 3840x1200 is properly classified as “high” and not “4K”.

  • OS-9059: Adjusted network tuning for streaming.

  • OS-12174: Improved AudioRouting for compressed output.

  • OS-10998: BasicAudioPlayer now supports BrightScript AddEvent and ClearEvents.

  • OS-12206: Improved MSE audio file looping.

  • OS-12079: Non-default SNMP community strings are now supported.

  • OS-12084: MSE is now supported by default on Series 4 players.

  • OS-12095: Removed support for 3DES cipher in SSH cryptographic settings.

  • OS-12131: PTP offsetFromMaster now reports to scripts.

  • OS-12123: Simultaneous MSE streams are now supported.

  • OS-11898: PcrDebugFile now supports 50,000 lines.

  • OS-11751: Improved HDMI encoding using the clock.

  • OS-12509: Default cursor is now set at startup.

  • OS-12527: Improved HDMI input stability.

  • OS-12578: Sped up audio locking for HDMI video in.

  • OS-12595: js_ipcbrightscript now provides script results when resolving a promise.

  • OS-12597: Automatic SD firmware updating is now supported via registry flag.

  • OS-12606: Updated openssl to 1.1.1.

  • OS-12636: Brightscript now supports restart from inside Eval() and Run().

  • OS-12637: Shell now supports restarts from the BrightScript debugger.

  • OS-12480: Increased compressed audio buffer count for HDMI input.

  • OS-12480: Disabled EQ if routing audio from HDMI.

  • OS-12584: Wi-Fi now parses EAP-TLS certificate identities for otherName type.

  • OS-9915: NetworkDiagnostics no longer sends IPv6 pings from all interfaces by default.

  • OS-12639: Improved ping API in @brightsign/networkdiagnostics.

  • OS-12660: Updated curl to fix CVE-2021-22947.

  • OS-12450: Patch for CVE-2021-3580 and CVE-2021-20305.

  • OS-12540: Updated curl to fix CVE-2021-22924 and CVE-2021-22925.

  • OS-12583: Updated c-ares to fix CVE-2017-1000381 and CVE-2021-3672.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-12273: Fixed HTTP end-of-stream events not being delivered.

  • OS-12242: Fixed roAudioOutput.SetToneControl function not working as expected.

  • OS-12282: Fixed HDMI in audio clocking.

  • OS-12193: Fixed syntax error in HtmlWidget User-Agent string.

  • OS-11939: Fixed occasional incorrect crashdumps.

  • OS-12304: Fixed Ticker overflow crash on multi-screen setups.

  • OS-11889: Fixed VideoPlayer crash when the file is given Play and Stop commands close together.

  • OS-12339: BasicAudio now handles SEEKED events from overlay correctly.

  • OS-12341: Fixed MaxVariantWidth for HTTP streaming.

  • OS-12306: Fixed timing of CEA-608 captions.

  • OS-12328: Fixed SetPenLocation for CEA-708 captions.

  • OS-12331: Queue is cleared when switching to CEA-608 captions.

  • OS-12338: Fixed closed captions reading off the end of the surface.

  • OS-11530: Fixed LLDP accidentally setting zero PoE power.

  • OS-12337: ZipArchive properly returns an error when it fails to read.

  • OS-11979: Fixed audio playback issues when hotplugging a USB device into AU3x5 players.

  • OS-12365: video_player_proxy now properly scales videos to the output resolution.

  • OS-12350: Fixed unhandled HLS stream error.

  • OS-12402: Fixed search path parsing for ipconfig.

  • OS-12416: Fixed OutputNetworkConfiguration status readings for IPv4 and IPv6.

  • OS-12430: Fixed screenshot.asyncCapture() behavior.

  • OS-12432: Fixed HTML player behavior on re-use that could cause a memory leak.

  • OS-12443: ClearMediaPlayer now resets the state of media.

  • OS-12405: Fixed changing mouse cursors causing a resource leak.

  • OS-12460: System user IDs are now constant between versions.

  • OS-12465: Fixed HTML video end event handling to avoid reaching invalid state.

  • OS-12361: roNetworkConfiguration now reports correct metrics for cell modems.

  • OS-11688: Updated AAC decoder to avoid glitches with certain files.

  • OS-12301: HLS streams will now play correctly when changing video size.

  • OS-11787: Fixed HDMI_IN clock not setting successfully.

  • OS-11905: Fixed BasicAudioPlayer sending EVENT_PLAYING on every Resume().

  • OS-11931: Fixed crash that could occur when a callback would be sent after destruction.

  • OS-12049: Fixed non-hwz video playback behaving unexpectedly.

  • OS-11135: roVideoMode locking should work as expected.

  • OS-11437: Fixed Safe Area text in a Scrolling Ticker expanding out of the region.

  • OS-9733: Fixed bug where IPv6 would remain enabled after EUI-64 DAD fails.

  • OS-11795: Fixed potential overflow in EDID parser.

  • OS-11838: Fixed .m4a audio playback not behaving as expected.

  • OS-11892: Fixed playback issues using ASF.

  • OS-11987: Fixed audio dropout when switching playback above 1x.

  • OS-12020: Fixed HLS live playback starting too soon.

  • OS-12026: Fixed GStreamer retry timer behavior.

  • OS-12086: Fixed bug that could cause AU3x5 player GPIOs to be placed in a strange state.

  • OS-12097: Fixed bug that caused HTML videos to loop prematurely.

  • OS-12103: CEA closed caption extended characters now display correctly.

  • OS-12114: Fixed looping HTTP videos starting at a time other than 0 seconds.

  • OS-12135: Fixed crash that would occur by over-allocating video decoders.

  • OS-12146: Fixed arbitrary MAC address reporting for 4G modems.

  • OS-12189: Fixed error trying to blend audio messages of different frequencies on AU3x5 players.

  • OS-12207: Fixed missing ENDED events when playing AC3 on XDx34 and XTx44 players.

  • OS-12218: Fixed crash from memory allocation failure during a screenshot.

  • OS-11773: Fixed AU3x5 independent audio playback for stereo left and stereo right not functioning as expected.

  • OS-12067: Fixed streaming sometimes having the incorrect EOS.

  • OS-12240: Fixed a crash with EosOnPmtChange option when playing via HTTP.

  • OS-12249: MSE now closes when load() is called a second time.

  • OS-12660: Fixed crash that could occur if the HTML overlay-scrollbar registry setting is active.

  • OS-12266: Fixed bug where WebRTC would confuse extmap and extmap-allow-mixed.

  • OS-12273: Fixed HTTP end-of-stream events not being delivered.

  • OS-12242: Fixed roAudioOutput.SetToneControl function not working as expected.

  • OS-12282: Fixed HDMI in audio clocking.

  • OS-11939: Fixed incorrect crash dumps.

  • OS-12478: Fixed streams with audio in Opus or Vorbis and video not in VP9 crashing.

  • OS-12604: Fixed json memory leak.

  • OS-12632: Fixed touch screen start up causing duplicate initialization and assertion failures.

  • OS-12620: Fixed HTML video playback receiving multiple end commands.

  • OS-12538: Fixed crash that could occur when changing the cursor.

  • OS-12384: Fixed crash when screenshots did not complete on time.

  • OS-12665: Fixed screenshot failure for 4K players.

  • OS-12662: Fixed crash that could occur when changing the cursor rapidly.

  • OS-12663: Fixed cursor displaying in the incorrect color.

  • OS-12687: Fixed DVB subtitles sometimes not drawing.

  • OS-12578: Fixed audio clocking issues in some niche configurations.

  • OS-12671: Fixed openvpn causing the device to hang when misconfigured.

  • OS-12676: Large certificates are no longer truncated.

  • OS-12667: Allow general binding of port 53.

8.2.82 (Jul 02, 2021)


  • OS-12439: Updated Supervisor to v1.2.114

    • BCN-9612: Players no longer respond to REST API commands after the LDWS has been disabled

    • BCN-9679: Fixed packet capture

    • BCN-9548: Improved /v1/diagnostics/network-configuration API

    • BCN-9534: Fixed devices not being displayed under Networked Units after publishing to LFN.

  • OS-12286: @brightsign/networkconfiguration now reports metric zero

  • OS-11996: Newer versions of Prolific PL2303 are now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-11939: Fixed occasional incorrect crashdumps.

8.2.75 (Apr 14, 2021)

Bug Fixes

  • OS-12660: Fixed crash that could occur if the HTML overlay-scrollbar registry setting is active.

8.2.72 (Mar 16, 2021)

New Features

  • OS-11910: @brightsign/networkconfiguration now returns clientCertificate and key set flags for Wi-Fi.

  • OS-11928: VideoPlay now provides a system log message when unable to probe a file.

  • OS-11947: Added support to roHtmlWidget for overriding default storage behavior.

  • OS-11924: Configured network interfaces can now be enumerated from BrightScript.

  • OS-11914: Cell modem PPP diagnostics are now configurable through the registry.

  • OS-11978: HtmlWidget now uses protocol://origin:port for storage path hash.

  • OS-11283: Extension version information can now be reported where available.

  • OS-11999: Added storage/disable_usb registry setting.


  • OS-11912: video_delay will now round to the nearest whole output frame.

  • OS-11896: @brightsign/networkconfiguration now translates binary data to a safe format when required.

  • OS-11774: Improved fsck timeout in brightsign-startup.

  • OS-11929: @brightsign/htmlwidget now converts file URLs into file paths.

  • OS-11569: Re-added a per widget pinch-to-zoom control.

  • OS-11965: The application script now informs the supervisor when it restarts.

  • OS-12069: Subresource URLs allow credentials again.

  • OS-12077: Removed inconsistent quotes from some type values in @brightsign/networkconfiguration.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-11906: BasicAudio data timeout now resets coming out of a Pause

  • OS-11905: BasicAudio now only sends EVENT_PLAYING at playback start.

  • OS-11688: Fixed a bug that could cause an unexpected sound to play during AAC playback.

  • OS-11857: Fixed a crash when there was exactly one sample in stream statistics.

  • OS-11885: Fixed virtual keyboard disappearing when touched.

  • OS-11934: LS4 serial port hardware inversion should now function as expected.

  • OS-11880: Fixed crash when attempting to zoom before view is created.

  • OS-11843: Adjusted calling thread in ProxyConfigService to avoid an occasional crash.

  • OS-11888: Initial network state reporting in HTML widgets should now be correct.

  • OS-12058: Fixed crash-on-exit after repeated setting of sync domain.

  • BCN-9291: Fixed a bug that prevented bsca files installation. (Feb 04, 2021)

Important Note

  • Warning: The data storage system in use by Chromium processes changes when there is a major upgrade to the Chromium version bundled with the BrightSign OS. While updating to a newer version of the OS is generally stable, there are cases where downgrading the OS can cause the data accessed by Chromium to be inaccessible. Other data not in use by Chromium that can be stored on SD, SSD, USB connected and external devices that contain media, systems files and other data do not share this limitation. Please be sure to test your workflow for any OS upgrades or downgrades before deploying to a production environment.

New Features

  • OS-11947: Added ability to override default storage behavior for HTML Widgets.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-11885: HTML virtual keyboards will no longer disappear when attempting to use them.

  • OS-11978: HTML local storage now uses the correct scope.

  • OS-11888: HTML widgets now report the correct initial network state.

8.2.55 (Dec 14, 2020)

New Features

  • OS-11556: Added GetUsbTopology API to brightsign/legacy/deviceinfo.

  • OS-11593: Added new sendSync() API to brightsign/messageport.

  • OS-11579: roHtmlWidget now provides a warning when trying to change unsafe properties after setting a URL.

  • OS-11564: Added brightsign/configurednetworks JavaScript object.

  • OS-11636: Logs now show if HDMI output is locked to the PCR clock, and PCR clock settings at OS level.

  • OS-10300: Presentations can switch between PTP and PCR locking.

  • OS-11578: Added brightsign/objectLifetimeTracker API.

  • OS-11637: Added close() method to brightsign/syncmanager.

  • OS-11666: Added brightsign/usbhotplug API.

  • OS-11668: Video player can now control playback rate.

  • OS-4741: Added ability to read CPU temperature on players without a dedicated hardware sensor.

  • OS-11702: Added ifFailureReason to roAssetCollection.

  • OS-11766: js_ipcassetpoolfetcher’s fetchers are now independent.


  • OS-10382: roVideoMode GetHdmiInputStatus() is more resilient to unplugging cables.

  • OS-11622: roHtmlWidget should handle large character paths for local storage as expected.

  • OS-11603: Increased stability of HTML playback with multiple video players.

  • OS-11632: Supervisor now has access to serial ports.

  • OS-11630: Suppressed extraneous warnings on stream probes.

  • OS-11626: Multichannel audio decoder now supports 8 channels.

  • OS-11559: SSL minimum supported version changed to TLS1.2 to improve security. Additionally, SSLv3 is no longer supported on players using openssl.

  • OS-11641: USB ttys devices now set permissions appropriately.

  • OS-11644: Multiple video synchronized playback improved.

  • OS-11600: brightsign/htmlwidget close() method now behaves as expected.

  • OS-11182: Changed BrightScript window creation to no longer create invisible windows.

  • OS-11639: USB Mass storage deviced now included in topology report.

  • OS-11064: roNetworkConfiguration and brightsign/networkconfiguration now both support secure Wi-Fi password retrieval (Not supported on AU3x5 Players).

  • OS-11674: Improved AU3x5 behavior to load an audio file directly to a set time.

  • OS-11661: Extension names containing “-“ are now supported.

  • OS-11677: Improved error reporting when unobfuscating passwords.

  • OS-11680: brightsign/hostconfiguration changes now persist immediately upon update.

  • OS-11635: Improved Wi-Fi stability.

  • OS-11652: BSS scan limit increased from 128 to 512.

  • OS-10709: Improved shade rendering on webpages, preventing unexpected areas of complete black.

  • OS-11694: Playing media backwards using roVideoPlayer now behaves as expected when reaching the start of a file.

  • OS-11580: Improved brightsign/networkconfiguration API.

  • OS-11548: Added roUsbPowerControl support to series 4 players.

  • OS-11723, OS-11750: Updated Chromium 69 with QtWebEngine CVE fixes.

  • OS-11008: Wi-Fi Access Points connecting or disconnecting provide indications.

  • OS-11712: Mosaic mode now supports compressed buffers.

  • OS-11730: XT4 Wi-Fi passphrase obfuscation is now unique.

  • OS-11564: LS424 players timebase handling has been improved, preventing audio loss.

  • OS-11744: Media resource handling is now more robust.

  • OS-11745: Removed unnecessary warning when muting audio.

  • OS-11536: roNodeJs API has been improved for simpler exit and signal code.

  • OS-11733: Python cryptographic module no longer fails when SSL3, TLS1.0, TLS1.1 are disabled on python supported players.

  • OS-11754: Improved stream queue interlocking.

  • OS-11793: Fixed unpacking file zips larger than 2Gb on supported Series 2 and 3 players.

  • OS-11786: js_ipcassetpoolfetcher UrlTransferThread behaves now as expected.

  • OS-11767: js_ipcassetpoolfetcher has been renamed to js_ipcassetfetcher.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-8962: Fixed a HDCP negotiation problem with some sources.

  • OS-11591: Fixed an issue that would cause files uploaded to ext4 filesystems to end up in the wrong mode.

  • OS-10695: Crash dumps no longer attempt to send before the network is correctly configured.

  • OS-11605: htmlplay command now behaves as expected.

  • OS-11628: HTML and JavaScript audio routing settings no longer reset upon replay.

  • OS-11609: AACPlus files should now play as expected.

  • OS-11653: Fixed a crash that could occur when the player would attempt to play after the video ended.

  • OS-11659: Calling a missing video player will no longer cause a crash.

  • OS-11665: Reconfiguring networks using JavaScript no longer crashes.

  • OS-11678: Applying identical network parameters no longer triggers a reconfiguration.

  • OS-11648: Changed Chromium imagecache size and memory allocation to prevent crashes.

  • OS-11689: AU3x5 players physical address is now

  • OS-11698: Passing unexpected types to AssetCollection should no longer cause a player reboot.

  • OS-11701: roSyncPool and roAssetFetcher EnableEncodings method now returns the expected type.

  • OS-10763: AU3x5 players will no longer occasionally timeout during bootup.

  • OS-11707: Increased PCM buffer allocation for players with HDMI-In, preventing reboots after switching from Live to Video.

  • OS-11120: Default AAC profile will now be used if no other profile is determined.

  • OS-10281: Fixed string leak in parameters for roChannelManager, roStreamQueue, and roVideoMode.

  • OS-11589: Fixed playback issues for HDMI-In not using HWZ.

  • OS-11749: dhcpcd will no longer force a crash when misconfigured.

  • OS-11740: Seeking with playback speeds other than 1.0x now reports the correct playback position.

  • OS-11741: Fixed memory leak that could occur in HTML render process.

  • OS-11788: @brightsign/configurednetworks no longer reports eth0 twice.

  • OS-11796: BrightSignShell help command no longer disappears after using some commands.

  • OS-11865: Revision 1.4 EDIDs are no longer rejected.

  • OS-11795: Parsing the EDID audio descriptor no longer possibly overflows the parser. (Oct 09, 2020)

New Features

  • OS-10962: Added support for IP forwarding configuration to @brightsign/hostconfiguration.

  • OS-7840: Added contrast and brightness controls to roVideoPlayer.


  • OS-11549: roVideoPlayer.ProbeFile performance improved.

  • OS-11518: The module search path can now be set when using roNodeJS.

  • OS-11513: Converting BrightScript associative arrays with non-native types into JSON will no longer cause a warning message to be emitted in the logs.

  • OS-11510: @brightsign/assetrealizer validateFiles method attributes now uses camelCase, e.g. “deleteCorrupt”.

  • OS-11481: Local storage with multiple browser instances through roHtmlWidget has been improved.

  • OS-11347, OS-9929: Suppressed warning message when playing a video at a different display rate than the source.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-11585: Fixed an issue where not all HTML video tag attributes were honored.

  • OS-11567: Destroying an HTML video player immediately after loading no longer causes errors to appear in the log.

  • OS-11562: roAssetPool and @brightsign/assetpool now properly recalculate pool size after validation failure.

  • OS-11531: Fixed problem with exFAT subdirectory parsing.

  • OS-11529: GPIOs 4 and 5 now work correctly on AU335.

  • OS-11484: @brightsign/audio instances are no longer garbage collected whilst playing.

  • OS-11446: Fixed problem with event delivery from BrightSign objects when used with NodeJS.

  • OS-11432: NodeJS is now prevented from exiting while promises are outstanding.

  • OS-11319: Fixed potential crash that could occur during a traceroute operation.

  • OS-11293: Fixed excessive memory usage when playing back portrait video.

  • OS-11035: Reduce video encoding latency in particular configurations.

  • OS-10448: HTML video element now reports the correct dimensions.

  • Supervisor Bugfixes

    • BCN-8401: Players with no SD card can now run the LDWS again.

    • BCN-8399: Fixed ping method sometimes getting players stuck in a loop.

8.2.26 (Sep 02, 2020)


  • New AU3x5 audio-only player family is now supported.

    • AU3x5 supports local file playback and streaming from localhost.

    • AU335 supports ARC and eARC output for audio. This output supports compressed passthrough of AC3, EAC3, DTS, and PCM up to 96kHz sample rate.

  • OS-10285, OS-10161: Improved streaming stability.

  • OS-10608: VideoWall SetMultiscreenBezel now supports floating point arguments.

  • OS-10041: Improved VideoWall sync.

  • OS-10299: Added ability to track Vsync through TsmDecisionVsyncOffset.

  • OS-10223: Expanded PCR timebase controls.

  • OS-11189: Enabled leader and follower tickers to exist on the same player.

  • OS-11203: Improved SyncManager timestamp readability in JavaScript.

  • OS-11205: SyncManager is now supported from roNodeJS.

  • OS-10977: PacketCapture is now supported from USB network devices.

  • OS-11061: Enable ‘Real Time’ URL option for streams.

  • OS-11287: HDx23 now paces UDP packets in groups when streaming.

  • OS-11033: HDx23 now has reduced VFD backoff for PlayStaticImage.

  • OS-11298: Arguments may now be passed to Node scripts launched through roNodeJs using new ‘node_arguments’ parameter. More information can be found here.

  • The AU3x5 audio player now supports seeking to an arbitrary position.

  • OS-11251: roAudioPlayer.PlayFileAsync now runs asynchronously.

  • OS-11190, OS-11199, OS-11192: Fixed various issues with ticker zones in multiscreen presentations.

  • OS-6516: UDP output streaming now supports IPv6.

  • OS-10649: New roUsbPowerControl and @brightsign/usbpowercontrol components for turning power to USB ports on and off for XT4 and AU3x5 players.

  • OS-11257: New @brightsign/serialportlist module allows accessing serial ports from JavaScript using Node serialport.

  • OS-11316: Improved handling of permissions on ext4 file systems.

  • OS-11114: UrlTransfer/roAssetFetcher/roSyncPool.BindToInterface API now accepts an interface name and treats non-integer numeric type as an integer.

  • OS-10847: AU335 supports USB device mode.

  • OS-11190, OS-11199, OS-11192: Multiscreen tickers now display in-sync as expected, run smoother at non 60p videomodes, and perform better when displaying multiple on screen.

  • OS-11375: Fixed blank screen when the video player called PlayStaticImage() after a fade out transition.

  • OS-11281: Many DHCP client improvements.

  • OS-11351: Physical interfaces used for VLANs no longer have IPv6 link-local addresses.

  • OS-11365: Temporary directories are now properly cleaned up on success when encryptfs is enabled.

  • OS-11363: Fixed alpha handling issue that could cause images to appear drastically different across displays.

  • “node” command now available in the shell.

  • OS-11380: Playback seeking for compressed audio now behaves as expected on AU3x5 models.

  • OS-11394: Improved robustness when repeatedly starting and stopping playback on AU3x5 players.

  • OS-11261: Added new @brightsign/cec Javascript object.

  • OS-11402: Event properties are no longer contained in a “detail” object for many @brightsign/ modules.

  • OS-11413, OS-11443: @brightsign/cookiestore no longer causes crashes and contains domain and path information.

  • OS-11441, OS-11428, OS-11442: @brightsign/htmlwidget now has inspectorServer, bsObjects, security, and inputEnabled parameters.

  • OS-11434: @brightsign/pointercalibration now has enableCursor() as a method.

  • OS-11434: “cursor” command added to shell.

  • OS-11431: roVideoMode.ConfigureHdmiInput now behaves as expected.

  • OS-11439: roAssetCollectionView no longer exceeds file handle limit.

  • OS-9559: 4096 wide 4K videos are now supported for playback on players capable of 4K playback.

  • OS-10540: Cope better with video files encoded indicating square pixels.

  • OS-11407: The first CEC send operation now properly generates an event.

  • OS-11421: roAssetCollectionView filesystem is now correctly marked as read-only.

  • OS-11106: Encrypted BrightScript is now supported on AU3x5 and Series 3 players.

  • OS-11400: The following @brightsign/ modules now support relative paths: filesysteminfo, storageinfo, filesysteminfile, keystore.

  • OS-7974: @brightsign/screenshot now accepts native filenames through destinationFileName properly.

  • OS-7974: The following @brightsign/ modules use native paths rather than BrightScript-style paths: assetpoolfetcher, assetpool, assetrealizer.

  • OS-9185: @brightsign/assetpoolfiles is a new Javascript module.

  • OS-11456: @brightsign/videomodeconfiguration.getConfiguredMode no longer rejects ‘auto’ mode.

  • OS-8482: @brightsign/htmlwidget no longer remaps BrightScript-style filenames.

  • OS-11493: Fixed “saturating at 0x7FFFFF” errors in video volume control.

  • OS-11492: Added support for 4096x2160 10 bit video on XT4.

  • OS-11495: @brightsign/assetrealizer.validateFiles returns an empty array correctly.

  • OS-11496: @brightsign/assetpoolfetcher progress events no longer provide ‘total’ property for assets that had no specified size.

  • OS-10660: Improved Wi-Fi reliability in certain situations.

  • New Supervisor and DWS version.

    • BCN-7033: Extensions and PoE are displayed again.

    • BCN-7568: Supports new /info API to include hardware and API features.

    • BCN-7628: Fixed error that could occur when downloading log packages.

    • BCN-8137: Failsafe will no longer aggressively clear the network name.

    • BCN-7974: Added UI to control logging level.

    • BCN-7945: Wi-Fi only players no longer lose network connection after re-provisioning.

8.1.84 (Aug 12, 2020)

New Features

  • OS-10883: Presentations with multiple compressed bitstreams can be muted by setting the volume to zero.

  • OS-11092: Improved reporting of textTracks in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

  • OS-11230: Ensured that stale metadata is not used when remounting filesystem after format.

  • OS-11168: Improved reporting of open files when unmounting filesystems.

  • OS-11174: Added updating of the physical address in the HDMI input EDID, which improves issues with CEC passthrough.

  • OS-11120: Stream probe now times out after three seconds.

  • OS-10881: Stream probe now ignores audio description tracks.

  • BCN-7658: Added ability to access alternate storage paths in the DWS.

  • OS-11316, OS-9330: ext4 formatted devices can now accept writes as intended.

  • OS-11360: roControlPort now logs names of GPIO ports that are missing.

  • OS-7475: Reduced packet size of the DWS ping tool to 56 bytes for more accurate results.


  • OS-10705: AC-3 and E-AC-3 passthrough settings now work as expected.

  • OS-11240: Fixed graphics upscaling on 4Kx42 players in the following video modes: 1792x1344x60p, 1920x1920x60p, 2048x1152x50p, 2048x1152x60p, 2376x288x60p, 2560x1080x60p, 2560x1440x30p, 2560x1440x60p, 2560x1600x60p, 2560x960x60p, 2880x720x60p, 3440x1440x30p, 3440x1440x50p, 3440x1440x60p, 3840x1080x25p, 3840x1080x30p, 3840x1080x50p, 3840x1080x60p, 3840x1200x60p, 3840x600x60p.

  • OS-11263: Fixed @brightsign/keystore.removeCaPackage for the JavaScript API.

  • OS-11180: Fixed media analysis in DWS crash with certain file types.

  • OS-11226: Fixed time zone data for MSK (Moscow time).

  • OS-11175: Fixed unexpected reboot caused by Chromium when loading HTML.

  • OS-11164: Fixed TsAesCbcCbt stream decryption with two IVs on XTx43, XDx33, HD, HS, LS, HO, and 4K players.

  • OS-11162: Fixed BrightScript CopyFile() issue with a preexisting destination file.

  • OS-11081: Fixed crash when updating closed caption data for HTML5 video.

  • OS-11222: Fixed HTML5 FileSystem API file creation issues.

  • OS-11177: Fixed unexpected reboot when a web page in a presentation finished loading.

8.1.69 (May 28, 2020)

New Features

  • Upgrade to Chromium 69.

  • OS-10567: BrightScript can now be encrypted.

  • OS-10714: HTML clients are now informed when closed caption data changes.

  • OS-10960: Added support for transparent proxy configuration and captive portals.

  • Added source network specification to transparent proxies through roNetworkConfiguration.


  • Support for the 1280x768x60p 69 MHz resolution on Series 4 players.

  • Support for the 3840x1200x30p resolution on Series 4 players.

  • Support for the 2560x800x60p resolution on Series 4 players.

  • Support for the 2048x1152x50p resolution on 4K-capable players

  • Support for the 1728x1296x60p resolution on all players

  • Support for the 3840x1200x60p resolution on 4K-capable players

  • Support for the 1048576 baud rate for serial over USB.

  • OS-10362: Key presses are now reported more accurately.

  • OS-9560: XDx23 and XTx43 players now use the RTL8821C Bluetooth driver.

  • OS-8793: RTSP streaming now only creates streams for audio and video, and no longer creates metadata streams.

  • OS-10225: Calling require() with an invalid class name no longer causes a crash.

  • Improved latency during video playback.

  • OS-10287: Pressing Control-C during player startup no longer causes to player to reboot.

  • OS-9578: Playing a video with an empty src will no longer crash the device.

  • OS-10418: Players should no longer stall when playing a stream that switches codex.

  • OS-10451: Players now continuously probe for closed captions.

  • OS-9156: Players should no longer crash when audio decoders initialize while closed captions are enabled.

  • OS-10544: Improved crash analysis performance.

  • BCN-6337: Key presses are no longer buffered during install.

  • BCN-6418: Fixed durations when time zone is not set to UTC.

  • OS-10375, OS-10577, OS-10352, OS-10397, OS-10579: Improved Javascript object implementation.

  • OS-10524: New method added to roHtmlWidget named GetStreamStatistics().

  • OS-9713: Improved transport stream decryption security.

  • BCN-6414: Fixed issue that would cause the local DWS to fail on startup.

  • BCN-6148: SD cards are now cleared when players reboot for reprovisioning.

  • BCN-6221: RDWS no longer points to the wrong manifest.

  • BCN-6328: Taking a snapshot in the RDWS no longer causes an error.

  • BCN-6253: RDWS now supports larger file downloads of up to 100Mb.

  • BCN-6690: Content type responses for legacy HTML should now be correct.

  • OS-10722: Added support for decryption with a key in SecureStore.

  • OS-10532: roHtmlWidget now supports proxy authentication with SetProxy.

  • OS-10723: Graphics output is now stashed on playback start.

  • OS-10759: Added the ability to set ownership and permissions to /storage/flash

  • OS-10831: roNodeJS now sends an event upon successful execution of a script.

  • OS-10865: roNodeJS can now pass arguments to scripts.

  • OS-10755: roNodeJS now supports messageport to communicate between BrightScript and JavaScript.

  • OS-10647: Fixed issue causing 75p video to not work.

  • OS-9998: Removed duplicate newline in log messages.

  • OS-10898: Fixed work-around for packet capture kernel bug.

  • OS-10902: Fixed crash when accessing the registry from the rescue image.

  • OS-10936: GetTimeServer is no longer forced to return a URL.

  • OS-10939: Fixed issue preventing multiple video playback on 4K1142.

  • OS-10786: Fixed issue causing unexpected audio halting.

  • OS-10961: Removed CONFIG_IP_FORWARDING from roNetworkConfiguration.

  • OS-9964: Removed filesysteminfile support from BrightScript.

  • OS-10970: Disabled OffscreenCanvas.

  • OS-10602: Fixed shader bug that would cause green boxes to appear in presentations on Series 2 and Series 3 players.

  • OS-1094: Muted frames caused by DVB content flipping should no longer appear.

  • OS-9593: Improved error reporting when playing unsupported HTML video content.

  • OS-11006: Fixed error that would cause audio to not play after a few playlist loops.

  • OS-11093: Fixed roAudioOutput volume control for analog and HDMI.

  • OS-11082: TimeOperation no longer returns in scientific notation.

  • OS-10910: Added support for a new feature enable that locks out USB networking.

  • OS-11085: Downscale images to 1080p on 4k242 players.

  • OS-11069: Fixed errors that would be caused by routing 4k video incorrectly.

  • OS-11081: Fixed issues caused by Text Tracks being terminated too early.

  • OS-11088: Added ability to add a hidden SSID.


8.0.146 (Apr 10, 2020)

Bug Fixes

  • OS-10424: HTML elements will no longer be cropped and shifted in certain use cases.

  • BCN-7288: Content Cloud published schedule changes were not immediately received by the player. (Issue introduced in 8.0.143)

8.0.143 (Mar 31, 2020)


  • Communication with through a https proxy is now supported. The proxy must support tunneling operation (CONNECT). Deep-inspect proxies that terminate the TLS connection at the proxy are not supported.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-10760: HTML video content no longer appears too early.

  • OS-10532: roHtmlWidget SetProxy() now honors the supplied username and password for proxy authentication.

  • OS-10759: Upgrade files can now be written to /storage/flash as a destination.

  • OS-10789: HDMI input to portrait mode video walls now displays correctly. 

8.0.141 (Feb 20, 2020)


  • OS-10431: OverrideDisplayEdid API added to roVideoMode.

  • OS-10560: USB audio can now be independently controlled from player volume.

  • OS-10414/OS-10415: Added validity checks to storage pathways, preventing sensitive information from being accessed.

  • OS-10656: Improvements to VideoWall sync with HTML files.

  • OS-10610: Improvements for cloud connected players.

    • Improved directory navigation using the DWS.

    • Fixed failure to download large files using the DWS.

    • Fixed the DWS failing to start the local DWS after an application restart.

  • OS-10637: Available storage is now default for contents.html.

  • OS-10749: Bootstrap updated to v1.0.62.

    • BCN-6819: Increased API security on players.

    • BCN-6676: /wshealth implemented for websocket health check.

    • BCN-6786: Fixed confusion between network and group names in the registry.

    • BCN-7024: Fixed exception if a registry was empty when read.

    • BCN-6962: Remote snapshot no longer fails when using portrait mode orientations.

  • BCN-6737: DWS now can see directories named ‘tmp’. Requires BrightAuthor:connected 1.1.1.

 Bug Fixes

  • OS-10031: Fixed sync polarity, improving support for 3840x1200x60p on certain displays.

  • OS-10367: Fixed memory leak in AudioOutputManager.

  • OS-10366: Added sync information to BSPLAY logs.

  • OS-10578: Fixed memory leak that could occur when taking a screenshot.

  • OS-10420: Added BVN error statistics to better detect HDMI errors.

  • OS-10377: HtmlWidgetQt no longer crashes when adding fonts.

  • OS-9156: Fixed potential crash when parsing closed captions.

  • OS-10652: Fixed deadlock in GetStreamStatistics in HtmlWidget.

  • OS-10626: Fixed an issue when rendering to the 6th display in 4kx42 players.

  • OS-10631: Fixed full resolution graphics issues in XDx33 and XTx43 players.

8.0.127 (Jan 08, 2020)


  • exFAT changes: microSD cards that use the exFAT filesystem will now fail to mount immediately if the filesystem image has been truncated because it is larger than the storage partition. 

Bug Fixes

  • OS-9985: Touch events now properly work with HTML5 projects that have Full resolution graphics enabled. 

  • OS-10034: DVB closed captions are now properly decrypted on XTx44 players. 

  • OS-8793: Improved compatibility with ONVIF RTSP cameras. 

  • OS-9181: Players no longer automatically apply daylight savings time to certain time zones. 

  • OS-10371: Australian Eastern Standard Time now works properly.

8.0.119 (Nov 13, 2019)

New Features

  • New @brightsign/htmlwidget JavaScript class, which instantiates additional HTML browsers.

  • Support for Linux USB HID gadget driver with new roUsbHidEmulator BrightScript object and new
    @brightsign/usbhidemulator JavaScript class.

  • New roSystemLog.ReadNextLine() BrightScript method, which reads the next line of the recorded system log.

  • New roKeyboard.SetNumLock() BrightScript method, which allows you to set the Num Lock state for any attached USB keyboards.

  • New keyboard.setNumLock() JavaScript method, which allows you to set the Num Lock state for any attached USB keyboards.

  • New systemtime.getTimeZone() JavaScript method, which returns the current time-zone setting of the player.

  • Support for the 2048x1152x50p resolution on 4K-capable players

  • Support for the 3840x1200x60p YUV resolution on 4K-capable players

  • Support for the 1728x1296x60p resolution on all players

  • Support for the new 2880x720x60p CVT resolution on XDx33 and XTx44 players


  • OS-9883: The transparency setting of scrolling tickers now has the same effect across all types of zones.

  • OS-9060: Improved initial accuracy of BP200/BP900 button panels.

  • Increased the amount of network-related statistics reported by roVideoPlayer.GetStreamStatistics().

  • When a player has a Dolby audio decode license, the EDID read back via HDMI is now checked for Dolby support. If it is supported, then compressed audio is sent. If it is not supported, then the audio is decoded by the BrightSign player and sent over HDMI as PCM. When a player has no Dolby audio decode license, then compressed audio is now sent regardless of EDID contents.

  • OS-9978: Improved error dialog when roSystemLog.ReadNextLine() returns as Invalid.

  • OS-9944: Reduced PCR jitter when using roStreamQueue.

Bug Fixes

  • OS-9832: 802.1X client reauthentication now works correctly on wired LANs.

  • OS-9916: Minimum ping time is now correctly reported when performing a ping test in the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS).

  • OS-9975: Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability in Diagnostic Web Server (DWS) when using the speedtest function.  

  • OS-10164: SFTP connections once again work with BrightSign players.

  • OS-9784: HTML video playback on synchronized players no longer fails to display properly.

  • OS-9837: Improved GStreamer memory management for HLS streaming.

  • OS-9845: AC3 compressed output over HDMI once again functions properly.

  • OS-9863: IPv4 broadcast addresses can once again be used with roSyncManager.

  • OS-9644: The user stylesheet feature can be used again.

  • OS-9558: Changing the source of a video tag no longer causes the video’s dimensions and position to glitch.

  • OS-9889: Setting transform to unsupported values when using roHtmlWidget no longer causes a crash.

  • OS-8366: Buffer underflows from streams no longer occur if media is not playing.

  • OS-9942: PCR packets are now sent more frequently during streaming.

  • OS-9946: Fixed an issue that causes HTML video to have its set aspect ratio change once it is displayed.

  • OS-9446: Displaying content from Vimeo no longer causes a loading icon to appear when hwz is disabled.

  • OS-10034: DVB closed captions are now properly decrypted.

  • OS-9973: The change to the amount of TS packets that are read at one time during UDP streaming has been reverted: Players now read seven TS packets at a time.

8.0.94 (Aug 30, 2019)

New Features 

  • New JavaScript API: Retrieve information about the network PTP state of a player using the roPtp JavaScript object 


  • 9726: Various improvements to memory management for HLS streams. 

8.0.91 (Aug 27, 2019)

New Features 

  • Support for the Ralink USB wireless adapter (RT5572)

  • New videooutput.getPowerSaveMode() JavaScript method

  • Support for the 1920x1920x60p resolution on 4K-capable players


  • The roSyncManager/BSSyncManager objects can now be bound to an Ethernet/wireless network interface.

  • The dwsconfiguration.applyConfig() JavaScript method no longer requires the password parameter.

  • 33115: The destruction speed for roHtmlWidget instances has been improved.

  • 33212: Improved GStreamer memory management for HLS streams.

  • 33185: SVG image files are now read and rendered correctly, and comments on SVG image files can now be read.

  • 26939: Media handling when switching between media types using BrightScript has been improved.

  • 33196: 4K EDID reporting is now more detailed. 4K EDID is also now available for screens that support 4K at 30p or less.

Bug Fixes

  • 33123 (HS123/1x4): IR input events now work.

  • 31153: Transparent .png images in Ticker zones now display correctly.

  • 2997 (XTx44): Playback of ECB-encrypted streams has been fixed.

  • 33214: Fixed an issue that causes the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS) to incorrectly display Enhanced Synchronization (PTP) status when configured over WiFi.

  • 32999: Instantiating BrightSign JavaScript objects with the require() call no longer generates memory leaks.

  • 32931: Fixed an issue with BrightScript JavaScript objects that causes asynchronous requests to never return.

  • 33165: The restartRequired property returned by the videomodeconfiguration.setMode() JavaScript method now returns correct values.

  • 33157: Unresponsive pinch/zoom and swipe operations associated with some HTML presentations have been fixed.

  • 33059: Screen capture using the WebGL toDataURL() call has been fixed.

  • 33004 (4Kx42): 4K video playback in HTML pages has been fixed.

  • 33137: Button presses on a GPIO device connected via the GP800-C connector no longer intermittently generate doubled events.

  • 32903: Synchronization of two videos on the same player has been fixed.

  • 33087: The roUrlTransfer object once again works with mDNS .local URLs.

  • 32986: The IGMPv3 switching process has changed. See here for more details.

  • 29415: Players now respond correctly to network switches with IPDT enabled.

  • 33206: EDID files have been regenerated to v1.3 to improve support for proprietary STB.

  • 33187: Fixed an issue that causes network loss during roAssetFetcher downloads.

  • 32564: 4K video modes at 50p and 60p now only accept 4:2:0 chroma subsampling HDMI input.

  • 33195: Playing AC3 audio in prerouted mode no longer causes a crash.

8.0.69 (Jun 21, 2019)

New Features

  • Support for the Silicon Works Multi-Touch touchscreen

  • New setMpcdi() JavaScript method

  • New disableHdcpRepeater() JavaScript method

  • New StableEnumeration() global BrightScript function

  • New SetWiFiFrequencies() BrightScript method

  • New RetainBodyOnError() BrightScript method


  • Enhanced synchronization (PTP) is now supported over WiFi

  • The new “language” initialization parameter allows you to set the browser language of an roHtmlWidget

  • New “DisableYUV” parameter for the ConfigureHdmiInput() method allows you to disable the YUV colorspace on the HDMI Input.

  • The roTextWidget object now fails if you try to set an invalid master/slave combination with the SetSyncManager() and SetMultiscreen()

  • All HTML browser cookies are now applied to video playback.

  • It is now possible to play streams on HTML pages that require authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • 32946 (XTx44, XDx34, HDx24, HS124, LS424 only): HTML <video> elements now return an error when they attempt to play the unsupported VP8 codec.

  • 32858: Destroying a video window displaying HDMI Input no longer prevents other video windows from displaying the HDMI Input.

  • 32835: The z-index setting for an roHtmlWidget no longer overrides the z-index attribute for <video>

  • 32840: The x-bs- HTML attributes now work with <video>

  • 32600: An HTML video playlist no longer displays incorrectly scaled frames when transitioning between videos with different resolutions.

  • 32168: HTML pages can once again play video files from IndexDB using blob URLs.

  • 32667: HTML videos no longer generate two JavaScript end events when they end.

  • 32675: Certain HTTP streams no longer cause a memory leak and eventual crash on the player.

  • 32893: The roSyncManager object now transmits synchronization messages locally on the player even when there is no Ethernet connected at bootup.

  • 32896: If an roSyncManager/BSSyncManager slave device drops off of a WiFi network, it is now able to resynchronize when it rejoins the network.

  • 32614: The roUrlTransfer.SetCertificatesFile() method no longer returns true when the specified file does not exist.

  • 32866: The Realize() JavaScript method no longer returns Invalid if the asset list is not correctly formatted.

  • 32904: The HDx24, HS124, and LS424 now correctly report USB friendly names.

  • 32936: A patch has been implemented for CVE-2019-11477.

8.0.48 (Apr 12, 2019)

New Features

  • New Set Source to BrightSign option for BrightControl commands


  • The Media List inactivity timer can now be set on a global or per-state basis in the File > Presentation Properties > Media List

  • The BrightAuthor version used to create the presentation can now be specified as a system variable.

  • BrightAuthor can now open schedules containing BrightWall presentations.

  • The default Screen resolution for HD models in the New Project window is now 1920x1080x60p, rather than 1920x1200x50p.

  • Specifying a non-existent user variable as a Conditional Target now raises a warning dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • 32588: Publishing to audio-only models (LS322, AU320) no longer causes a crash on the player.

  • 29158: A BrightWall presentation with a View Mode set to Scale to Fill no longer behaves as if it is set to Fill Screen and Centered.

  • 32481: Pressing OK in the File > Presentation Properties > Audio window of a presentation no longer resets the pass-through audio settings in the Zone Properties

  • 32168: A BSN user with the “Publishers” role can now publish schedules.

  • 30914: If a player has firmware earlier than version 7.1.33 and is configured for WPA Enterprise networking, attempting to upgrade the player past 7.1.33 now works.

  • 32567: The dimensions of graphics zones in presentations that are larger than 1920x1200 are now always correctly scaled.

  • 31244: Interactive Menu states now correctly display multiple .jpg Active Image and Inactive Image

  • 31043: Analog audio is once again an available option for Connector Volume > Mute/Unmute

8.0.33 (Mar 13, 2019)

New Features

  • New pinch_to_zoom_enabled initialization parameter (and EnablePinchToZoom() method) for the roHtmlWidget object


  • The roHtmlWidget object now returns the new-window-request event, which allows BrightScript applications to handle requests from the browser to open a new window.

  • The roSyncManager object now supports IPv6 addressing.

  • The time it takes to switch between streams encrypted with TsAesCbcRbt has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • 32325: (XTx44/43, XDx34/33) Playback of Vorbis/VP9 via HTTP has been fixed.

  • 32454: Playback of MPEG1 and MPEG2 streams via HTTP has been fixed.

  • 32369: (HDx24, LS424) Publishing a portrait-video presentation to a player multiple times no longer causes playback errors.

  • 32365: HTTP TS video now plays audio correctly.

  • 32381: Dolby Vision is now supported over streaming playback for authorized players.

  • 32351: The security_params:{websecurity:false} setting for roHtmlWidget initialization has been fixed.

  • 32247: Calling SetTransform() on an HTML widget immediately before calling SetURL() now causes the expected behavior.

  • 32275: HTML videos with audio output no longer conflict with other audio tracks.

  • 32400, 32405: The player no longer crashes after attempting to destroy an roHtmlWidget object that has loaded certain websites.

  • 32256: Certain crashes related to the Chromium render process have been fixed.

8.0.17 (Feb 14, 2019)

New Features

  • New GetInputState() JavaScript method


  • BrightSign passphrase obfuscation now supports public key cryptography.

Bug Fixes

  • 32179: The Tandberg precisionHD 720 webcam works again with Series 3 players (XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, LS423).

  • 31931: Tracking of the audio-sample rate on the HDMI input has been fixed.

  • 32200, 32234: Players no longer crash intermittently when destroying an roHtmlWidget

  • 32108,32133: YouTube Live streams have been fixed.

  • 32314: The CVE-2018-16890 and CVE-2019-3822 vulnerabilities in the curl library have been patched.

  • 32330: Bounds-checking vulnerabilities in the JavaScript object bindings have been fixed.

  • 32281: The roAudioPlayerMx object now plays the first audio track after booting up at the correct sample rate.

  • 32261: (XTx44, XDx34, HDx24) The EnableAlternateFunction() method has been fixed.

8.0.11 (Jan 15, 2019)

New Features

  • Chromium 65 support

  • (XTx44, XDx34): Support for FLAC and Vorbis audio codecs.

  • (XTx43, XDx33): Support for the VP9 codec

  • New roAssetCollectionView BrightScript object, which allows for loading of Node.js applications from an asset pool

  • New roUsbFilesystem BrightScript object (and usbfilesystem JavaScript object), which configures the player to act as a USB filesystem for connected devices

  • (XTx44) H.265 encode

  • Support for the 1440x1088x57 video mode

  • roSyncManager.SetEncryptionEnable() and BSSyncManager.SetEncryptionEnable() methods


  • (4Kx42): The 4Kx42 models now use the standard default autorun (allowing for on-device setup).

  • BP200/BP900 configurations now persist after transient disconnects (less than 10 seconds). Longer disconnects will still cause reinitialization.

  • Players support loading .bos firmware update extensions.

  • IPv6 and IPv4 can now be enabled or disabled using the SetEnabledProtocols() BrightScript method or the networkconfiguration.applyConfig() JavaScript method.

  • The roKeyStore object now supports extending or replacing the default set of CAs on the player.

  • The BSDatagramSocket object now supports IPv6 multicast and source-specific multicast.

  • The roSyncManager/BSSyncManager objects now support encryption.

  • New overlay-scrollbar setting in the html registry section allows you to change the HTML scrollbar from the default desktop version to a touch-friendly version.

  • (XTx43) When the gfxmemlarge setting is enabled, players are limited to a single video decoder to free up memory for graphics operations.

  • The following methods have been disabled: DisplayBuffer(), roTouchScreen. EnableRollover(), and roTouchScreen.SetRolloverOrigin(). The endpoints still exist, but they do not have any effect.

Bug Fixes

  • 32156: Switching between files in a Mosaic Mode window no longer causes playback to fail.

  • 31966: YouTube playlists have been fixed.

  • 31726: Streaming video playback with the G.711 and G.726 audio codecs now works.

  • 31174 (XTx44, XDx34): The Auto level Volume setting now works.

  • 31931: HDMI input with HDCP 1.4 no longer exhibits poor audio quality.

  • 31138: HDCP 1.4 playback now works after the HDMI output cable is hotplugged.

  • 31866: The WiFi LED now flashes correctly when the wireless module is connecting to the network.

  • 30227: The latency of the HDMI encoder has been improved.

  • 32159: Remote snapshots now capture HDMI input in zones with odd height values.

  • 31222: Performance issues with the XTx44 HTML touch carousel demo have been fixed.

  • 31108 (XTx44, XDx34): Videos that are encrypted using TsAesCbcRbt no longer exhibit macroblocking during playback.

  • 31186 (XTx43): Setting the video mode to 3840x2160x30p:fullres:gfxmemlarge no longer causes a reboot loop.