BrightAuthor 5.x (May 23, 2024)

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-16127: (XC5 only) Fixed a regression from version, to ensure that multi-screen plugins can again be successfully applied


This version contains localization for the 10 languages that are supported in BrightAuthor:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • French

  • German

  • Chinese (simplified)

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Turkish

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14418: (HD5, XD5) Fixed an issue with adding a second video zone on HD5 and XD5 players

  • BCN-14945: A second zone can now be selected by clicking, rather than just the drop down, when using "Portrait Bottom on right"

  • BCN-15210: Fixed an issue with BrightAuthor not starting in Windows 11 because of the 9/23 security update


  • BCN-13936: Fixed the graphics plane dimensions when the selected video mode is 4K or 8K.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14883: Ensured that the correct video modes are displayed for Series 5 players

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14842, BCN-14786: Fixed an issue on XD5 and LS5 players in which portrait presentations would display incorrectly. Note that portrait presentations are not yet supported on the XC5 line.

New Features

  • BCN-12985:  Added support for the XT245, XT1145, and XT2145


  • BCN-12214: Created a WiFi “reliability mode” which allows players to automatically reconnect WiFI if it is in a bad state. If the registry key “disable_wifi_auto_recovery” is set to “true”, this feature will be disabled on the player.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-13991: Fixed a crash that occurs when sending a UDP command in a presentation that uses interactive events with Dynamic Playlist or Media List widgets.

  • BCN-14596, 14571, 14461, 14247: Fixed a crash that occurs when users create sync presentations on Series 5 players.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14273, BCN-14270: Fixed a crash/reboot cycle which occurred on Series 4 and earlier players after installing BrightAuthor version


  • BCN-14185: (XD5) Ensured that XD5 players now opt-in to “Full Resolution Graphics”, which mimics the behavior of XD4 and older player models

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14179: (XD5, XT5, HD5) Ensured that GPIO appears as an option in presentation authoring

  • BCN-14034: (XC5) Ensured that the video mode plugin supports multiscreen devices

New Features

  • BCN-12192: Added support for XDx35, HDx25, and LS4x5 players

  • BCN-13935: Added support for portrait presentations to LS5, HS5, HD5 and XD5 players

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-13313: (XC5) Fixed an instance of Series 4 player graphic resolution limit being incorrectly applied to XC5 players

  • BCN-13750: Fixed the “Program and Features” entry to use the correct version of BrightAuthor

  • BCN-13913: (XC5) Added support for four audio decoders (rather than three)

  • BCN-13290: (HD5, XT5) Updated the list of supported video modes

Known Issues

  • When in portrait mode, resolutions above 4K are not predictable and not supported

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-13532: (XC5) Added support for portrait presentations

Content encrypted networks are not supported on Series 5 players on the currently available OS. This will be resolved in a future OS release.

Presentations published to XC5 players on OS 9.0.15 must be authored with 'Full resolution graphics' enabled.

New Features

  • Added support for the XC5. New feature support for XC5 is up to 8K video modes. Multi-output is not supported using BrightAuthor.

  • BCN-12189: Added BrightWall support for Series 5 models

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-12367: Fixed BrightAuthor crash when cancelling "Standalone unit with setup" publish to the “Local Storage” option