Video Synchronization



BrightSign players can synchronize their clocks; synchronize videos playing in zones; and Jam Sync, Frame Sync, and HDMI Clock Sync work behind the scenes to make sure that videos start at the same time, continue to play and sync, and are drawn to the screen all at the same time. These synchronization features are described below.

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Player Synchronization

Synchronized BrightSign players communicate over ethernet. When you have more than one BrightSign player connected and synchronized, their clocks will be synchronized using PTP synchronization (see for more detailed information). The leader player will set the pace for the follower players.

Synchronization over WiFi is not supported, and different player models (for example, the HD and XD) should not be synchronized since performance varies between models.

Zone Synchronization

Zone synchronization can be done in one player or across multiple players. One zone and its associated video player is a leader and the other zones, with their associated video players, are followers. This can be done all on one player, which doesn't require clock synchronization, or it can be done across multiple players which requires the synchronization of clocks, zones, and videos.

Video Synchronization Features

These features synchronize videos across players and zones behind the scenes to ensure that videos start at the same time, stay in sync across playback over time, and that the videos are drawn to the screen in the same way so that they're always in sync: 

  • Jam Sync: This forces the videos to start at the same time with the leader directing the followers.

  • Frame Sync: The leader sets the pace for the playback video and the followers adjust their playback either by speeding up or slowing down on a frame by frame basis so the video is always in sync.

  • HDMI Clock Sync: When the video leaves the HDMI outputs of one player or multiple players, the HDMI output clocks are in sync so each line of the video is drawn to the screen at the same time.

Synchronization in BrightAuthor:connected

In BrightAuthor:connected, it is easy to sync zones and video players in your presentations. See the following resources for more details: