How do I purchase subscriptions for or

Email to purchase a Content Cloud subscription and provide the following information:

  • Your environment (

  • The name of your network/account (you can find it at the top of BrightAuthor:connected)

  • How many players you have on your network. Every player needs a subscription, and the subscription costs $99 per player per year.

The orders team may request additional information from you.
Email and provide the following information:

  • Your environment (

  • The network name, which can be found in the Settings section at the top.

  • The number of subscriptions you wish to purchase. Each player on the network requires a separate subscription. Once the subscriptions are added to your network, you will be able to assign them to the players.

How can I recover my username and/or password?


Your and BrightSign Network username is your email address. If you are using plus-addressing to create a different email address that goes to the same inbox, be aware that each username is different to the system. Check your email for messages from (the sender will be and check the To: field for the correct username.


  1. In BrightAuthor:connected or, click Connect to on the upper right

  2. In the Sign In window, select Forgot Password.

  3. Enter your email address and Submit. An email should arrive shortly from with a link to reset your password, so be sure to add that email address to your whitelist or contact list to ensure it does not go into spam/junk/quarantine.

PASSWORD (BrightSign Network)

As long as you have your username and network (account) name, you can use Forgot Password to get a new password. If you are a user on multiple networks, any of those network names will do - your password is the same for all BrightSign Network networks. The email will come from so be sure to add it to your whitelist or contact list to ensure it does not go into spam/junk/quarantine. Do not include the trailing period from the new password, and make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.

If you cannot access the email address associated with the account and you do not have any other administrators on the account that can set up a new user login, see this article.

Are BrightSign Network (BSN) and related?

No. These are completely separate platforms and ecosystems. Existing BSN users must create a account to use that platform.

Can I move my BrightSign Network (BSN) account to

Due to underlying architecture changes between the platforms, and the many elements that make up a BSN account (players, groups, users, permissions, content, scheduling), users must export their presentation from BSN using BrightAuthor and then upload the presentation to

How can I tell if I am using BrightSignNetwork or

BrightSignNetwork and BSN.Cloud are independent platforms that require separate credentials.

  • is our legacy platform that uses BrightAuthor for authoring and player management.

  • is our newer platform that uses BrightAuthor:connected for authoring and player management.

These applications can be downloaded here.

Note that the same app that configured a player must also be used to publish to it, regardless of the player publishing mode. If switching from BrightAuthor to BrightAuthor:connected, players configured using BrightAuthor must be reconfigured using BrightAuthor:connected.

Can I try out before switching to it?

What is the BrightSign Network and maintenance window?

Does BrightAuthor:connected work on my BSNEE network?

Will you continue to support BrightAuthor, BrightSign Network, and BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition?