Player and Accessories FAQ

Can I play a presentation from an NTFS formatted card?

Formatting your SD card using NTFS allows you to play files that are larger than 4GB in size, but the player will not be able to receive network updates or generate logs. In other words, BrightSign players can read from NTFS formatted cards, but cannot write to them.

For Series 5, 4, and 3 players, we recommend using the exFAT filesystem (which requires firmware version 6.2.94 or later). This allows you to play files larger than 4GB without restrictions on writing to the card.

If you are using an earlier player model and are publishing via, Web Folder, or Local Network, you need to format your SD card using FAT32.

Can BrightSign players output component and composite video?

Series 2, 3, 4 and 5 BrightSign players do not support component or composite video without an external converter.

HD810 and HD1010 players come installed with YPbPr component connectors. Using a third-party VGA converter, you can also play component and composite video on other models.

There are many third-party VGA breakout cables; however, some VGA breakout cables will not work with the VGA port on a BrightSign player. You will need to ensure that the VGA converter you purchase has the same pin layout as outlined below:


Pin 1

Pin 2

Pin 3


Pin 1

Pin 2

Pin 3

Component RGB




Component YPbPr













In BrightAuthor:connected or BrightAuthor, configure the output for component/composite as follows:

Component:  Select Component from the Connector type drop down menu. In the Screen resolution drop down menu, you may choose any 1080,  720, or 480 option, as well as the NTSC-COMPONENT and PAL-COMPONENT options.

S-Video or CVBS: Select HDMI from the Connector type drop down menu. In the Screen resolution drop down menu, you may choose the following options:

  • PAL-N

  • PAL-M

  • PAL-I

  • PAL-BG


  • NTSC-

Can I use a keyboard or mouse with BrightSign players?

Yes. You can connect a USB keyboard or mouse to any BrightSign player that has a USB port and use a mouse (or touchscreen) and keyboard to generate interactive events.

In a BrightAuthor:connected presentation, create an interactive playlist and then add a USB event for mouse input or the Keyboard event for keyboard input.

In a BrightAuthor presentation, create an interactive playlist and then add a mouse/touch icon for the mouse input or a keyboard icon for keyboard input.

Can I use a Barcode scanner or RFID receiver with a BrightSign player?

Yes. BrightSign players will work with barcode scanners or RFID receivers that use USB. These HID devices use a method similar to a keyboard to send information. The USB Event in BrightAuthor:connected can be used for barcode scans. 

Do BrightSign players support Genlock?

Genlock (frame-accurate VSync) is available with BrightSign OS version 7.0 and is automatically integrated in all BrightWall™ and Enhanced Synchronization presentations as of BrightAuthor version 4.7.1.x or later.

The current version of BrightAuthor:connected doesn't support BrightWall™, but does support Enhanced Synchronization. BrightAuthor versions 3.8.0.x or later support BrightWall™ BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor can be used and installed on the same computer. 

Note that synchronization is not supported over wireless connections.

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