BAconnected Feature FAQ


Is BrightWall™ supported in BrightAuthor:connected?

BrightWall™ for BrightAuthor:connected is on the roadmap but has not yet been implemented. We have improved video wall creation tools in BrightAuthor:connected, and you can find that information at

BrightWall™ is available for use in BrightAuthor versions 3.8.0.x or later. 

Can I use a custom splash screen in BrightAuthor:connected?

Custom splash screens are not available in the current version of BrightAuthor:connected. To use a custom splash screen, use BrightAuthor. 

Is geofencing available in BrightAuthor:connected?

Yes. Geofencing is available as of version 1.32.0 of BrightAuthor:connected. To use geo-fencing on a BrightSign player with BrightAuthor, see this FAQ

Can you overlay text or images on video in BrightAuthor:connected?

Yes. All BrightSign players (except the HD600) support this.

Image files that are displayed in an Image (or Video or Image) zone will automatically display over video zones. To display text over video, use a Live Text State in an Image zone that is layered over a Video or Image zone.

How does shuffling work in BrightAuthor:connected Media Lists?

If you enable the Shuffle playback option in a Media List state, the playlist will shuffle upon entering the media list state when it’s at the beginning of the list. If you are manually advancing through a media list using interactive input, then the playlist shuffles the Media List when it reaches the end of the list. It is also possible to advance to the next file in the list.

The Media List state is only available for use in an Interactive presentation.

Does BrightAuthor:connected download the entire Media RSS feed before starting playback?

Do BrightAuthor:connected presentations cache Media RSS Feeds?

Can I display static text, RSS, or Twitter feeds using BrightAuthor:connected?

How do I create a playlist in BrightAuthor:connected?

Can I ignore input (e.g. buttons) in my interactive playlist?