Local Network Setup

Local Network is called Local File Networking in version 1.13.0 and older of BrightAuthor:connected.

BrightAuthor:connected Setup

After selecting Setup in the Admin tab:

  1. Enter the Player Name and Player Description.

  2. Set your Time Zone.

  3. Select an Idle Screen Color. The default is black but it is helpful to select an alternate color to readily identify when the display is idling as opposed to powered off.

  4. For Publishing Mode, select Local Network.

  5. If not checked, select Enable Local Web Server.

  6. Select Save Setup and save to a blank microSD card. Save the files to the top/root level of the card; do not save to a sub-folder. A message may appear indicating that your OS should be up to date. Select OK.

Player Setup

Make sure the player is powered off.

  • Insert the microSD card into the player.

  • Power up the player.

  • Upon bootup, the player should display a message indicating that the Local Network setup is in progress. Do not unplug the player.

  • When complete, the player will display a message indicating that setup is complete. The message will also show the player’s IP address; take note of this as it may be required for publishing. If an IP address is not showing, check that the player is properly connected to the network. Unless wireless access was set up, the network connection will typically be via an Ethernet cable from the player to a router.

The player is now ready to be published to. Refer to the BrightAuthor:connected Publishing Quickstart to publish a presentation for a Local Network configured player.