BrightAuthor:connected is the next generation authoring and management application for BrightSign players. Here are some of the key features of BrightAuthor:connected:

  • Multi-Platform App: BrightAuthor:connected can be used on Mac or PC. It is also available as a Chrome browser application at
  • Device Setup: Set up BrightSign players using Device Provisioning or publishing configuration files to an SD/microSD card.
  • Device Management: Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot BrightSign players over the Internet using your network.
  • Presentation Creation: Create presentations using your content–including video, images, audio, HTML, and text.
  • Presentation Publishing: Publish content to BrightSign players using one of the following methods:

See this page for a list of BrightAuthor features that are not yet supported in BrightAuthor:connected.

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New to BrightSign?

To download BrightAuthor:connected, set up an account, and provision players, see this page. The QuickStart Page covers the basics of setting up and publishing to a BrightSign player with BrightAuthor:connected.

Release notes for the production release and all future releases of BrightAuthor:connected and can be found on the BrightSign Support website. Known Issues for the current versions of BrightAuthor:connected and can also be found on the BrightSign Support website