BrightSign Player Quickstart


This guide walks through the various available methods of using BrightAuthor:connected to set up a BrightSign player. After the player is set up, see BrightAuthor:connected Publishing Quickstart to create a simple presentation and publish that presentation to a player for display.

Player Preparation


Connecting your Player

  1. Prepare the microSD card by erasing its contents. Cards must be formatted as exFAT or FAT32.

  2. Connect your BrightSign player to a power supply.

  3. Connect the player to a display with the HDMI cable.

  4. Put the blank microSD card in the player.

  5. Make sure the player is connected to your local network with an ethernet cable. Ideally, you should also have internet access.

Publishing Mode

Players can be configured in a variety of “Publishing Modes” which reflect how content is delivered to the player. The Publishing Mode is covered in more detail here, but the main points are summarized in the table below for easier reference.

BrightAuthor:connected Publishing Modes


  • Content is manually published to a storage device (usually a microSD card)

  • Network connection not required. The storage device is manually connected/inserted into each player

  • Free

Local Network

  • Content is published to the player over the local network

  • Local network connection required

  • Free

Web Folder

  • Content resides on a web server that is accessible by the player

  • Network connection between player and web server required. Players periodically check the web server for content updates, then new content is automatically published to the player

  • Free (web server hosting charges may be required)

Content Cloud

  • Content is stored, published, and managed via

  • Internet connection required

  • Subscription-based with free trial

  • Note: the Content Cloud can be accessed using either BrightAuthor:connected or a web browser via

Partner CMS Publishing Modes

Partner App

  • Content is published through the selected partner CMS

  • Internet access is required

  • Pricing depends on the partner CMS


  • Content is packaged and placed at a URL that is accessible by the player

  • Internet access is required

  • Free (web hosting charges may apply)

Player Setup

Configurations involving the legacy are not covered in this guide.

  1. Download, install, and launch the BrightAuthor:connected app on your Mac or PC.

  2. The BrightAuthor:connected Dashboard screen should appear, as shown above, indicating that you are not connected to While you do not need to connect to to setup for Standalone, Local Network, or Web Folder, it is better to do so to get the full functionality of BrightAuthor:connected. You must create an account to use setup. For information about how to create an account, see this page.

  3. From the Admin tab, select Setup. Go to the page below for your preferred Setup type: