The Control Cloud

The Control Cloud is a free service available for use with all connected BrightSign players. As part of the Control Cloud, Player Provisioning (B-Deploy) can be used to create, manage, and easily deploy player setups to your BrightSign players, regardless of the CMS being used, and requires no configurationTo connect a single player to, simply use your smartphone to scan a QR code from the player activation page (which is displayed after the player boots up). To set up multiple players in bulk, simply take your new BrightSign player out of the box, plug it in, add a network connection, and will automatically setup your players. 

Once a player is setup with this secure connection to, you can access it using the remote Diagnostic Web Server (DWS) to view real-time health information about connected players. The remote DWS provides a wide range of diagnostic tools that are available to connected players from any location. For example, you can use this remote connection to re-provision players, take a snapshot, perform reboots, deploy BrightSignOS updates, and more. These tools are all securely available anywhere you are connected.

Partners can use the Control Cloud APIs to integrate all of the above into their digital signage solutions.

BrightAuthor:connected, available for both Mac and Windows, enables access to both the Control Cloud as well as the Content Cloud and provides the ability to easily set up and manage BrightSign players. In addition, users can access the Control Cloud and Content Cloud via the Chrome web browser at