Use the Dashboard to get a status overview of your players and jump into common BrightAuthor:connected tasks. 

  1. Storage Selector: This toggle button switches between Local Content and BSN.cloud Content
    • Local Content: Author presentations using content files located on your PC or Mac, and publish them using Standalone, Local File Network, or Simple File Network methods. Presentations authored with local content cannot be accessed when BSN.cloud Content mode is selected.
    • BSN.cloud Content: Author presentations and feeds using content files that have been uploaded to your BSN.cloud network. This option requires a BSN Content Cloud subscription. Presentations authored with BSN.cloud content cannot be accessed when Local Content mode is selected.


This toggle button is only available in the desktop version of BrightAuthor:connected. The browser version of BrightAuthor:connected uses BSN.cloud content only.


     2. Toolbar: Use the toolbar to navigate among the different sections of BrightAuthor:connected. Select the down arrow next to a heading to see additional options (for example, the dropdown menu under Dashboard allows you to access Network Status information).

     3. Player Status Overview: This bar provides a quick overview of player health. You must add players to your BSN.cloud network to view their health in BrightAuthor:connected. The following statuses can appear in the status-overview bar:

  •  Healthy: The player has checked in less than 5 minutes ago.
  •  Connection Lost: The player has not checked in for 5 to 15 minutes.
  •  Inactive: The player has not checked in for 15 or more minutes. There can be several reasons for an inactive player; please see this FAQ for a full list of causes.

  •  Disconnected: The player has no subscription, or its subscription has expired (BSN Content Cloud networks only; subscriptions are not required during the Beta period).


Click the Player Status Overview bar to jump to the Network tab, where you can get more detailed information about the current status of your players

     4. Recent presentations: This pane provides a list of recently created/edited presentations. As noted above, you will only see locally saved presentations when Local Content is selected. Select Manage Presentations >> to see all saved presentations.

     5. New Device Setup: Set up a player for BSN.cloud or another publishing method.

     6. New Presentation: Create a new presentation.

     7. Manage Content: Manage content files on your BSN.cloud network (this feature does not apply to local storage).

     8. Manage Schedule: Create or modify presentation schedules for players.

     9. Manage Network: Manage players that have been added to your BSN.cloud network.

     10. Learning Resources: Visit docs.brightsign.biz to learn more about BrightAuthor:connected.

     11. Network Status: The Network Status temperature icon takes you to the Network Status page, which provides a visualization of network health for the previous 24 hours. It is also available in the Dashboard dropdown. 

Menu Items

When BrightAuthor:connected is launched, three menus will appear in the toolbar at the top of your window. These menus offer additional BrightAuthor:connected functionality.

BA connected

About BA connected

Displays which version of BrightAuthor:connected you are running, as well as copyright information. 

Check for Updates...

This allows you to see if there are new BrightAuthor:connected versions, and to update your BrightAuthor:connected if you choose to do so.

Quit BA connected

Use this, or the corresponding key command, to quit the application.



These tools allow you to create a new presentation or schedule, open or import an existing presentation, and list recent presentations that can be reopened.

Close <Presentation Name>

This allows you to close the current presentation.

Save <Presentation Name>/Save As.../Export <Presentation Name>

These tools let you to save or export the current presentation, or to save it with a new name.



These tools allow you to undo or redo a previous action in the application.


These tools let you cut, copy, or paste information within the presentation.

Import States/Export States

These tools let you import and export presentation states.

Import Variables/Export Variables

These tools allow you to import and export user variables, which can save time when you are creating multiple presentations that use the same set of variables.

Replace Media File

This allows you to replace files within media states, but only in a local presentation. You will be prompted to save any unsaved changes.