BrightAuthor:connected 1.1x.x


This is a hotfix for the BrightAuthor:connected 1.19.2 release.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14458: Fixed an edge case where the default DWS password is inaccessible to the user


New Features

  • BCN-14816: Added translations for five new languages:

    • Traditional Chinese

    • Korean

    • Portuguese

    • Russian

    • Turkish


  • BCN-14969: Added support for JPEG and EC3 formats and extensions

  • BCN-14682: Updated synchronization so the sync manager can be used without the PTP domain (for example when syncing on a single XC5 player)

  • BCN-14814, 14989: Added a checkbox to the HTML5 State Properties called "Enable Native Chromium video playback" for XC5 players

  • BCN-14772: The title bar now displays the player model and the presentation name.

  • BCN-14828: Changed the language selection menu to use text rather than flag icons

  • BCN-14834: Improved the splash screen display

  • BCN-5696: Added the schedule name to the title bar so multiple schedules can be easily identified

  • BCN-14608: Changed the "Presentation" label to "Tree View" (this is visible when the “Presentation” view is open)

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-13487: Removed minimum OS information from the dialog box that appears after saving player setups to avoid confusion   

  • BCN-14471, BCN-14458, BCN-14472: The default DWS password (the player’s serial number) will no longer be overridden when left blank. Users can now select one of three radio buttons in Admin > Player Setup > Player Settings > Player Configuration:

    • “Use default password” (the player serial number)

    • “Specify password” (the password will be reset to the password you input)

    • “Disable password” (when no password is required)

  • BCN-14781: Fixed a failure that occurs when zip files are uploaded through the remote DWS

  • BCN-14741: Ensured that all Series 5 player video modes are listed and removed those that are not supported on Series 5.

  • BCN-14762: Fixed a runtime error that occurs after publishing an HD5 presentation via LFN



  • BCN-13965: Added support for TrueType Collection (.ttc) format, which allows the use of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean character sets in presentations.

  • BCN-14726: Added new and improved German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese translations

  • BCN-14602: Enhanced the interface labels and language to improve usability and increase consistency. For example, “player” will now be used consistently instead of “device”, “Setup” will be used instead of “setup file”, “package” or “package file”, and player type naming will change from:

    • Local File Networking to Local Network

    • Simple File Networking to Web Folder

    • Partner Application to Partner App

    • Custom Application URL to App URL

  • BCN-11173: Streamlined and improved the opening screen language and graphics

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-11768, BCN-13375: Made the publish icon in the Presentation and Schedule tabs clickable

  • BCN-14576: Removed the bsdpui.dialog.addDeviceNameDescription label

  • BCN-14592: Changed all uppercase text to uppercase/lowercase text

  • BCN-14706: Fixed a fatal error that occurred when attempting to add a new user

  • BCN-14565: Removed all references to the “x-api-key” from the LDWS and RDWS so that going forward only digest authentication will be used for supervisor API authentication

  • BCN-14557, BCN-14558, BCN-10925, BCN-10823, BCN-10775: Made various improvements to roles and permissions to restore functionality. More improvements will come in future releases.




  • BCN-13733, 13734, 14000: (XT5) XT5 players have been added to the interface so users can select them for OS updates or when creating a presentation

  • BCN-14280: The position of the Assets/Widgets panel (in the Content tab) is now maintained even if the user clicks on another tab or resizes another panel

  • BCN-14289: Added a splash screen to welcome users, give feedback while the application is loading, and display the version number

  • BCN-14306: Changed the Schedule tab display to allow users to see the entire (24 hour) day

  • BCN-14420: Updated the interface to correct the HS125 and HS145 resolution capabilities and the number of video zones in the HS145 and LS445

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-12119: Ensured that the Mac version of the application will close on the first attempt

  • BCN-14045: Fixed the scaling on the GPIO Output event icons

  • BCN-14153: Fixed an infinite loop in the web application when uploading an empty asset

  • BCN-14255: Fixed a crash that occurs when users discard unsaved presentations while trying to sign out

  • BCN-14301: Fixed a bug that did not let users log in to import presentations

  • BCN-14500: (HS125) Removed unsupported output resolutions



New Features

  • BCN-13912, 14263, 14262: (XC5, XT5) Full resolution graphics are now optional, not the default, for output resolutions greater than 1920x1200


  • BCN-11173: Improved the Dashboard screen (including the network status and reloading process)

  • BCN-12511: Added “Assign input to variable” and “Assign wildcard to variable” support for Event Properties (in Zone Message)

  • BCN-12565: Fixed poor text wrapping when Local Network publishing is selected in the Schedule tab

  • BCN-13835: (XT5) One and two screen layouts are now available in the Screens tab for XT5 devices

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-6084: Fixed excessive CPU usage when loading content

  • BCN-6694: Deleted reason-phrase conditions that prevented successful responses in the web client

  • BCN-8578, 11954: Fixed a bug that occurs when uploading content to a folder that has a name containing one or multiple single quotes

  • BCN-9979, 14278: Fixed player activation failures that occur when the user is not the creator of the default setup package

  • BCN-13991: Fixed a reboot loop which is triggered when an interactive event sends a UDP command from a Dynamic Playlist widget.

  • BCN-14024: Ensured that dialog boxes do not disappear unexpectedly

  • BCN-14261, 14034: Fixed an autorun crash in presentations that invoke the videomode plugin

  • BCN-14271: Fixed a bug that causes deleted tags to reappear

  • BCN-14344: Fixed an endless loop that occurs if many large files are uploaded simultaneously

  • BCN-14460: Fixed a reboot loop that occurs when publishing a presentation that enables enhanced synchronization



  • BCN-8667: The Control Cloud network can now add users as an Administrator or as a General Manager

  • BCN-14183: Removed the Screens tab from the presentation creation UI for all non-multiscreen Series 5 players. This ensures parity with the upscaling behavior on older players.

  • BCN-12409: Ensured that when media is replaced, the new media name does not overwrite the state name

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14119: (XD5) Ensured that video can be added to a presentation

  • BCN-13972: Ensured that content and device tags on media items can be removed

  • BCN-14178: (XD5, XT5, HD5) Ensured that GPIO appears as an option in presentation authoring

  • BCN-9445, 8781: Ensured that deleted HTML sites do not persist when creating and saving presentation images, videos or HTML sites


  • BCN-13487: Fixed the confusing warning message about the minimum OS version