Setup FAQ


Can I use BrightAuthor/Windows and BrightAuthor:connected/Mac to manage the same player?

No. These are separate platforms. A player can only be associated to and managed by one platform or the other.

Should I use and/or BrightAuthor:connected instead of my current digital signage CMS?

Many of our CMS partners are already actively working on expanding the functionality of their products by taking advantage of our new platform. Our platform improvements enable our CMS partners to simplify BrightSign player setup and bring new features and functionalities to their products, so we expect you will enjoy the benefits of our updated platform while using the CMS that you are familiar with.

Can I have BrightAuthor:connected installed at the same time as BrightAuthor?

Yes. Both BrightAuthor and BrightAuthor:connected can be installed on the same Windows PC.

I have a mix of players with BrightSign OS 8 and older BrightSign firmware 7.1. Can I use

No. requires players to be on OS 8 (8.0.119) or newer.

Will and BrightAuthor:connected work without internet access?

The Mac or Windows BrightAuthor:connected client software will operate in all the traditional non-connected modes, such as publishing for Standalone or using Local Network. There are additional features available when BrightAuthor:connected is connected to and those features will require internet connectivity.

Do I need to add exceptions to my firewall or port-forward for to work?

Does Local Network work over the internet in BrightAuthor:connected?

Can I network a BrightSign player without creating a account?

Why won’t my Mac OS open BAconnected (malicious software error)?

Can I play files without presentation software (BrightAuthor, BAconnected, etc.)?