BrightAuthor FAQ


Which View Mode should I use in BrightAuthor?

The View Mode option in BrightAuthor allows you to determine how videos will be scaled to fit in a Video Only or Video or Images zone. This option has no effect if the video and the zone are the same size.

In regular BrightWall presentations, the View mode option applies to videos on individual screens the same as described above. In stretched presentations, the View mode option applies to the entire wall. The following descriptions apply to stretched presentations only:

  • Scale to Fill: The video will be stretched over all screens in the video wall. If the aspect ratio of the video wall does not match the ratio of the video content, the video will likely appear stretched or distorted.

  • Letterboxed and Centered: The video will not be stretched. Instead, it will appear at the center of the video wall at its original resolution, which may cover one or multiple screens. Areas of the video wall that are not filled by the video will display the background color of the presentation.

  • Fill Screen and Centered: The video will be stretched to fit the height or width of the video wall (whichever length is lesser). If the aspect ratio of the video wall does not match the ratio of the video content, the video will be cropped.

Can I use a BrightAuthor user variable (for example, set from UDP or the IPad app) in HTML5? 

Yes. To do this:

  1. In BrightSign Unit Setup, select Enable local web server in Unit Configuration

  2. Define your user variables in your project.

  3. Add BrightSign .js library to your webpage

Can I open the autoplay.xml file using BrightAuthor?

No. The autoplay.xml file that is generated when you publish a presentation is a playlist file. This file includes only the information required for playback on a BrightSign player. It is not the same as a presentation project file.

How do I use a different font?

To use a different font, browse to a folder on your computer that has a true type font (e.g. in a Ticker zone, click Zone Properties, and then click Browse beside font). This font will be copied to the SD card when you publish the presentation. You can use your own custom fonts or download free TrueType fonts from the web.

Can I export a template?

Yes. Although there isn’t a template export option, you can save a presentation project with the desired template layout, and then transfer it to another computer. You can then open the project in BrightAuthor, and then save the template (Layout > Save Template).

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