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The BrightSign Network WebUI is a browser-based application you can use to create, edit, and schedule presentations for networked BrightSign players. You can also use the WebUI to create networked presentation elements such as Dynamic Playlists, Live Data, and Live Media feeds.

You can manage an unlimited number of BrightSign players with the WebUI. In order to use this service, you must have at least one player subscribed to the BrightSign Network. If you don’t have a BrightSign Network subscription, and would like to try one free for 30 days, please contact our sales team.

What Can I Do with the WebUI?

The WebUI toolset can be split into two primary components: presentation creation/management and player management.



  • Set up players for your BrightSign Network account.

  • Organize players into customizable groups.

  • Schedule presentations for groups of players.

  • Monitor the health of players connected to the BrightSign Network.

  • Send reboot, recovery, and upload log commands to networked players.

  • Monitor the statuses of networked players: This includes the current active presentation, total network traffic, and device error logs.

  • View screenshots of current device playback using the Remote Snapshot feature.

  • Generate various playback logs (Event, State, Diagnostic, Playback, User Variable) to keep records of player and presentation activity.

  • View the subscription status of players.

  • Add purchased subscriptions to players. You can also choose to have the BrightSign Network automatically manage your purchased subscriptions (which is the default setting).

How Does the WebUI Work with BrightAuthor?

BrightAuthor is still required to create any presentations that are more than simple looping image, video, or video playlists (for example, a presentation with interactive elements). However, once you use BrightAuthor to publish a presentation to the BrightSign Network, you can use the full range of scheduling features on the WebUI.

You can upload media to the WebUI in two ways:

  1. Use BrightAuthor to publish to the BrightSign Network.

  2. Use the browser-based upload feature in the WebUI.

You can create Dynamic Playlists from media uploaded to the BrightSign Network and use them when creating presentations in BrightAuthor or the WebUI. You can also create Live Data and Live Media feeds to use in Live Text states in BrightAuthor.

Will my Player Work with the WebUI?

You can connect any BrightSign player with Ethernet or wireless capability to the BrightSign Network. This includes the following models:

  • TD1012

  • HD210, HD210w, HD1010, HD1010w

  • AU320

  • LS322, LS422

  • HD220, HD1020

  • HD222, HD1022

  • XD230, XD1030, XD1230

  • XD232, XD1032, XD1132

  • 4K242, 4K1042, 4K1142