Presentation Tree View

The tree view in the Presentation tab of BrightAuthor:connected allows users to quickly view and search through all of the zones in a presentation, the contents of each zone, and the parameters of each of the zone events and assets. 

Opening the Tree View

To open the tree view, simply select the Presentation tab in the left pane:

Tree View Interactivity

Elements within zones are selectable by name, and an arrow next to a name indicates that it can be expanded. Click the arrow next to the element to expand it, or use the Expand All button to view the entire tree and Collapse All to close the expanded tree.

If users click on any element name in the Presentation tree view, corresponding information for the selected element will appear in the other panels:

Searching the Tree View

Users can search for an element (or elements) in the tree view. To do this, enter the search term and click an orange arrow. The down arrow finds each instance of your search term from the top of the tree to the bottom, and the up arrow selects each instance from the bottom to the top: