roControlUp, roControlDown


These objects are posted by an roControlPort instance to the configured message port when inputs change state. An roControlDown event is posted when the input level goes from high to low. An roControlUp event is posted when the input level goes from low to high.


GetInt() As Integer

Retrieves the pin number associated with the event.

SetInt(value As Integer) As Void

Sets the value of the event. 


SetUserData(user_data As Object) As Void

Sets the user data.

GetUserData() As Object

Returns the user data that has previously been set via SetUserData() (on either the event or source object). It will return Invalid if no data has been set.


GetSourceIdentity() As Integer

Retrieves the identity value that can be used to associate events with the source roControlPort instance.


The ifSourceIdentity interface has been deprecated. We recommend using the ifUserData interface instead.